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Honor The Hustle


I have completely fallen in love with fitness…. I love the opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. To go in and push myself to the limits. The consistent grind in pursuit to elevate to that next level!!

Growing up… I was always a little smaller and not quite as athletic as a lot of my peers. I was blessed to be able to compete with a group of awesome guys… but I always had this underlying insecurity that I was too small, too slow, and simply not good enough!

As I challenged myself more, I noticed my confidence grew until finally I ended up playing Rugby at Mount Saint Mary’s with an amazing group of men and an incredible cast of coaches! Here is where I finally felt the consistent work and grind finally begin to pay off. The compound effect finally made sense to me (teaching moment- keep planting seeds and watering them, you will reap what you sow).

Except for one thing: I still felt like that small, undersized kid from High School.

I constantly tried to beat my opponent as a way to prove to myself I wasn’t that small undersized kid.

Once I lost sports, I lost that competitive edge…I lost that fire that we all have during our playing years! Until one day, I realized that all I was missing was the power of a CHALLENGE!

This year, I have set out a few challenges for myself. One of which came from former NFL Punter, Steve Weatherford… the challenge? Get 18” arms!

This seems a little superficial…. But I still resonate with feeling somewhat small in different situations. For me, this is just a milestone marker for me to go after and see if I can obtain!

Another is to squat 500 pounds.


Why 500? Simply because I have never done it before and it sounds hard. I want to push myself to see if I can put 500 pounds on my back and move it!

But it doesn’t stop there…

I am also challenging myself to be a better brother and son and continue to grow my relationship with my family! I am financially challenging myself to pay off my car!

Never did I imagine that those days in the gym preparing for high school football would lead to me loving the grind of getting better financially, spiritually, relationally, but I did know I loved the physical side!

Why do I share this?

I want you to analyze what areas of your life do you need to induce a challenge to get some momentum going!

Where in your life are you holding back?

Where can you add some short-term discomfort, to earn long-term glory?

What can you do differently now, so you can get what others can't later?

We should always look to elevate… so start today by inducing some challenge in your life and HONOR THE HUSTLE!

Get uncomfortable and ELEVATE to the better you are waiting to be unleashed!

Travis Bewley

Director of Athletic Enhancement
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