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Helping Kids Destroy Their Negative Self Beliefs

What your son or daughter accepts as true, even if it is not, will be the limiter on their health, happiness, success, and quality of life. The same is true for you and I.What is the story you were born into or have slowly allowed yourself to be placed into over the years? How about your kids?

What has your son or daughter begun to believe and accept as true, even though you know it is not? Even though you know that they are better than that story...That they aren't capable? That they are a failure? That they aren't liked? That they aren't good enough? That they are not the kind of kid who others will even look up to and follow as a leader? That they are destined for average?Here is the truth- all of us believe untrue stories about ourselves.

​Is what you believe accurate? Or limiting?The art of helping a young man or woman to identify the limiting stories that hold them back is the ultimate responsibility of a coach.

​​Sara believed she was average and annoying when she came to us. We would not accept that and now she no longer does either. Ben believed he was weak and shy. While that may be the way he identified himself that was NOT going to be his future identity. Not on our watch.Carly believed she was a good "come off the bench player", but because she had been in that role for years, she was unknowingly sabotaging her future ability to be a great leader and starter. Her story had become her reality.Mom, dad, coach...with every last drop of energy and influence we have, why not make it our highest priority to help these young men and women destroy the limiting story of their past and step into the future that is available for them?The simple formula is as follows:​1. Appreciate their story and connect with them, make them feel heard and understood, meet them where they are today2. Discover their strengths, gifts, what makes them tick3. Challenge them with questions about their goals, dreams, desires4. Inspire them to walk taller, smile bigger, shake hands firmer, and take more confident and courageous action5. Quickly destroy the excuses and limiting beliefs that inevitably try to halt their progress towards more confidence and success (the backwards pull of your past is powerful, coaches must help their students breakthrough them)6. ​Hold them accountable, continue to set goals, and get them to the place of leading and helping others (​this key step reinforces all the self-leadership qualities)This describes our Success Session at PFP​. This is where all students and adults begin their journey to progress. It is our secret success formula. If you'd like to get started, simply reply to this email. We are here to help you transform.

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Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew Simpson and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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