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Helping Kids Demolish Self Limiting Beliefs

Your North Star

As your eyes open this morning, before you are filled with ​thoughts about the day, ​both good and bad, optimistic and anxious, take a second to pause and consider where you ​want to go.

Not today, not tomorrow, but what do you really desire to be ​true ​about your life 1, 2, 3+ years from now?

What is your north star? It's hard to see the star when you are staring at the clouds...the obstacles that ​appear ​to be blocking you but are really just ​clouds...

"Who we become is a result of what we repeatedly do."

This week at PFP our motivational message is created to help our students ​Overcome Their Self-Limiting Beliefs. To help them shift from "push ups are hard" to --> "what can I do to improve?". To help them move from "I'm not really outgoing, I'm not a leader" to --> "What are my unique leadership gifts? How can I use what I do have" in order to help people?"

The ultimate goal is to create the belief that you ​can and will ​become the person you want to become, which will lead to you being able to ​do the things you desire to be able to do.

- Walk into school with confidence opposed to fear of judgement

- Do 5 chin ups

- Change the culture of your team

- Have the posture and power to have the difficult conversation with your boss or coach

- Make the team

- Stand up for what you believe in

- Choose to be different from the crowd

- Be a leader who leads your team to victory

- Increase your muscle mass by 15% and feel super strong

- Get a starting spot on the team

The list of things we ​wish ​we could do and become, but don't ​believe ​we could do or become, is way, way too long.

​Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs

​A story comes to mind. For the first 2.5 years of Jen's college lacrosse career, she was a "bench rider". That is the belief she had about herself at least.

"I'll probably never start. It's a high level of play in college. I get it. I am ​fine ​with not playing. Who cares."

^^^ Cue the self-limiting belief alarm ^^^🚨

"Jen, is that what you ​want ​to be true, really?"

"Of course not."

"Ok, would you be willing to write down 3 things that are within your power to do in order to have a better chance at getting playing time? These 3 things will likely need to be ​repeated ​for at least 6 months before you really see fruit from them..."

1. Begin showing up at every practice STRONG, ENTHUSIASTIC, AND FULLY COACHABLE- EAGER TO LEARN. She had room to grow there.

2. Find where the team needs the most help, even if it is not your position, and then ask coach if he/she can help you make a run at that position because your deepest desire is to help the team succeed.

3. Commit to the attributes, skills, and abilities that a person in that position who ​is ​a starter needs to have. 6 months Jen, MINIMUM.

She became a starter about 7 months later.

Self-limiting beliefs should not be discussed, they should be identified and demolished ​by discovering solutions. All you need is a guide to help you get started.

Kindly speaking, no one wants to hear about what you ​can't do ​for very long. No one wants to hear about what ​isn't possible. ​What's ​hard. ​What's ​set in stone. ​What's ​frustrating.

I want you to feel the empowering emotions that come from asking the question, ​"What can I do in order to become the person I need to become to do the things I wish to do?"

​What CAN I do?

What CAN I do?

What CAN I do?

Make this shift today and you will feel freer and more confident than ever before!

Dedicated to your joy and success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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