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Help Kids, Destroy Evil

I woke up this morning mad.

Not uncontrollably mad, but just enough to take a little extra action and share a little more than I would have otherwise. From time to time, God turns that healthy anger switch on inside each of us and we know it is go-time.

Our purpose is not merely to be comfortable, make a living, stay safe, and stay out of trouble. Your and I's purpose is far more rich and meaningful than that.

Your and I's purpose, especially if you are a love-powered leader, is to take a stand and strike a blow against evil.

What is evil? Where is it?

It is everywhere. It's so pervasive we often don't even recognize it as evil anymore, we recognize it as normal.

I dislike all kinds of evil but I passionately hate the evil that is targeted towards our youth.

I hate the evil that some parents, coaches, teachers, and other adults are capable of inflicting on the minds and hearts of kids (and I hate thinking about the generations this has trickled down from and never been stopped).

I hate hearing the stories of the coach who slapped cruel, damaging, and untrue labels on a young man or woman who underperformed or fell short of their standards.

I hate the fact that coaches have so much power (but I love when it's leveraged for the long-term benefit of the kid).

I hate witnessing the parent yell at their kid after they played poorly.

I hate the negative social media influencers out there who contribute to the anxious, depressed, fearful, and chronically discontented kids.

So what do we do?

✅ We go to battle everyday.

✅ We speak up when something is wrong.

✅ We stand for the cause we are passionate about.

✅ We use our gifts to help, empower, and equip people.

✅ We counter evil with good, anxiety with peace, fear with courageous action, and judgement with appreciation. We use our words and actions to make life better for others.

That's why you and I are here. The invisible enemy you and I are battling is often our own comfort. The lie that tells us our mission on earth is to stay quiet, make a living, and try not to be miserable. As if that is really living.

Strike a blow against evil today. Don't sleep till you make a dent. Serve your family well as that is part of your mission, but remember that one of the best ways to serve them is through your courageous action to stand for a cause and make a difference in people's lives.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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