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Habits - The 12 Crucial Components

Would you agree with me that our results are oftentimes a product of our habits?

If you are like me, you would also say you've been guilty of reducing having great habits down to merely stopping bad ones.

That is a good start, but there is a better thought pattern to habits that I want to share with ya.

I grabbed James Clear's top 12 habit forming tips for you [he authored the best selling habit book of all time].

Apply any one or two of them and you will see an improvement in your habits, and thereby an improvement in your results!

1. Start Small: Begin with a tiny habit that is easy to accomplish. This helps in establishing the routine and building confidence!

2. Focus on Identity: Instead of just setting goals, focus on the type of person you want to become. Align your habits with your identity, and behavior change becomes more natural.

I.E. the person who says, "I'm trying to quit eating fast food so much" has their identity still rooted in "I am a junk eater".

The person who says, "I no longer eat fast food" has made the identity shift and is going to be WAY more successful!

3. Make it Obvious: Clearly define when and where you will perform the new habit. The more specific you are, the easier it is to integrate the behavior into your routine!

I.E. I am going to journal at 5 AM in my office at my house, rather than, "I'm going to try to start journaling sometime somewhere 😜

4. Use Habit Stacking: Attach the new habit to an existing habit. This helps in leveraging your current behaviors and routines to build new ones!

I.E. Start praying while you brush your teeth! (hopefully the prayer is the new habit) ☺️

5. Be Consistent: Repetition is crucial for habit formation. Consistency is more important than intensity. Stick to your habit even if it's a small step each day.

6. Make it Attractive: Associate positive and enjoyable experiences with the habit. This makes it more likely that you'll want to repeat the behavior.

I.E. My wife and I started doing a weekly "Simpson Meeting". Well, since meetings normally stink, we decided we would have a nice latte together to make it more enjoyable.

7. Associate with a Cue: Link your new habit to a specific trigger or cue in your environment. This helps in automating the behavior by connecting it to an existing routine.

8. Use Reinforcement: Reward yourself after completing the habit. This positive reinforcement strengthens the neural pathways associated with the behavior.

When is the last time you created a potential reward for yourself before attempting to form a new habit? This one is key.

9. Make it Easy: Reduce the friction associated with your habit. The easier it is to do, the more likely you are to stick with it.

I.E. If you are NOT a morning person, and you tell yourself you will start working out at 4:30 am everyday, it's possible but definitely doesn't check the easy box.

10. Plan for Setbacks: Anticipate obstacles and have a plan for how you'll overcome them. This helps you navigate challenges without completely derailing your progress.

1 of the 3 weight loss success secrets I teach my clients is that the people who are successful don't "fall off the wagon and stay off", they get back on!

11. Build Momentum Gradually: Start with manageable habits and gradually increase their complexity or intensity. This prevents overwhelm and burnout.

12. Track Your Progress: Keep a record of your habit streak. Tracking your success can be motivating and provides a visual representation of your commitment.

I have found that the best way to track is with a physical piece of paper (bigger the better) and put in a place that you will see often.

I.E. Put your habit tracking calendar for days you take your supplements on your fridge!

Which one or two are you going to start leaning into today?

Serving you,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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