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Get What You Really Want Most

Sue was her own worst enemy (her words not mine, but we are more like Sue than maybe we like to admit).

Sue knew what she wanted most...

  • To finally be off any and all medications for anxiety, blood pressure, etc.
  • To be known as a fit, healthy, motivated, disciplined person instead of someone who "just keeps trying"
  • To look better next summer than she did this past summer so she doesn't feel crummy again
  • To go shopping and find clothes that she actually wants to buy, and then buy them and feel confident
  • To have endurance- to be able to run circles around her kids instead of being stressed, mentally and physically exhausted at the end of a day

That's what she wanted most...

But what she wants (and us too) now is different:

  • Convenience-- the brain gets tired and defaults to the shortest path forward to feeling better
  • A good time-- short burst of pleasure from the food, snacks, desserts
  • Artificial decompression- fancy word for, "quick drink to take the edge off"

What Sue wants most is always in competition with what Sue wants now...

That is why Sue pays us-- she pays us to help her stay focused on the former so that she can experience lasting change.

And as a result, Sue is down 32 lbs, 8% body fat, and more importantly she feels accomplished, confident, and is setting a strong example for her family.

On Monday we open enrollment into the 2023 6 Week New Year New You Fitness Challenge.

  • Get physically strong and confident
  • Lose body fat and lbs.
  • Finally get on track and stay on track to your best self
  • Get healthier overall
  • Reduce stress and feel clear and happy mentally

Look out for an email on Monday. Due to space limitations we do not have many spots open in our Frederick location.

2023 is your year. For things to change, you must do something different, with someone different, in a different environment.

Dedicated to your joy and success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. If you already know you want IN, reply to this email ASAP.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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