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Frustrated, My Kid is not Aggressive

Do you wish sometimes that you could wave a magic wand and make your kid more aggressive?


This is for the parents who grew up in a performance based household…the parents who were always internally motivated and driven. “I just don’t get it!” these parents say.


It is flat out f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g to watch your child be so different from you. They are passive, “too nice”, and you know they aren’t unleashing their full capabilities.


We have to ask ourselves first, “What am I really afraid of? What is my real concern?”


Is it that you fear your child will look back and be dissatisfied? Have regrets?

Is it fear that your kid will never be “successful” and reach his or her own potential?


I get it. I want to see my son and daughter reach their full potential too.


3 truths about this

  1. You can force this and control it to some extent, but it will backfire 
  2. Trade your expectations for appreciation. Feeling the unconditional love and support from our parents is paramount- we all crave it and we can’t forget that!
  3. Every kid is motivated by something. You just have to be patient while also searching to find it. Be a student of your student.

  4. Bonus truth 4: “success” is relative. I want my kids to go on a journey of discovery and figure out what they really love to do that best utilizes their innate gifts and strengths. When you find something you really love, you don’t need to be force motivated by parents, coaches, or anyone else!


Be patient and enjoy the journey,


Coach Andrew 


P.S. Here are two ways our team can help:

1. The Winning Athlete Success Session: a 1 on 1 Evaluation and Coaching Session with your son or daughter where we discover their strengths, what drives them, what his or her “why” is, and help them create a plan to get there. This includes physical performance testing, injury prevention screening, and the mental game assessment. This is normally $50 but you can get it for free as part of our upcoming 8 Week Sports Prep Program.


2. A 1 on 1 Mindset Performance Coaching Session: this is more heavy on the coaching piece- helping your athlete overcome mental blocks, fears holding them back, self-doubt, and craft a plan to get them motivated and working towards that which they want to work towards. You can join the waitlist by heading to this page.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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