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Frustrated and Off Track?

Not sure about you, but I hate when I let the smallest things frustrate me and get me so bent out of shape. 

Luckily, I know why this happens and how to fix it FAST before it effects my life and performance...

When you have a clear vision (and it's top of mind) for where you are going, small setbacks feel small.


Conversely, when you do not have a clear vision further out than “today”, the smallest unmet expectations and challenges of the day will rock your world.


I was reminded of this truth when I met with Jake, a high level college athlete yesterday.


He was struggling and frustrated with his own performance, his team’s performance, and the overall attitude and culture of his team.


It was clear to me after a few minutes, things were not perfect... 😉


Perfectionistic thinking has a clever way of sneaking in through the backdoor when you either A) don’t have a vision and goals for the next 90 days, and B) when you take your eyeballs off the 90 day goal and lose perspective by getting bent out of shape over the challenges of the day.


I know this all too well which is why my team and I have a system for setting 90 day goals together and then reviewing them weekly by saying “on track” or “off track”.


When I met with Jake yesterday, he was frustrated. And his frustration with his team was impacting his own performance negatively.


“Jake, are you on track for your 90 day goals that we set 6 weeks ago?”


Lol. The look on his face was priceless.


He knew what he needed to do and he knew his problem. He was so caught up in the challenges and struggle of the day that he had lost sight of the 90 day goal.


“Actually, yes coach, we are still on track for what I wanted to be true at the end of 90 days.”


Just admit it (I did). Your default thinking is perfectionistic. You need a system and coaching to help you remain peaceful and patient as you pursue your goals, athlete.

Has progress been made? Did you even create a clear goal and write it down so that you know when progress is being made? Are you a captain or leader who is getting mad at your team when you are the one who hasn't given a clear vision or help the team establish crystal clear goals? I can write about this because I made that mistake for 5+ years.


You and your driven, motivated, determined mindset got you to this level in life– but now, you need a dose of reality and perspective. You must start recognizing progress or perfectionism will crush your spirit and everyone else's.


Do ya feel me?


Step 1: if you do NOT have a 90 day goal (that hopefully is progress towards a longer range vision and goal), start there. What does it look like to be successful and make progress 90 days from now? What needs to be true?


Step 2: if you do have a goal, go read it now, out loud.


Step 3: if you are still in a funk about it because you feel like you are off track, tell someone. Get a coach to help you get back on track. You are likely just 1 mindset shift away…

You've got this. I believe in you! Go take action.

Dedicated to your success in sports AND life,

Coach Andrew J Simpson

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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