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Fitness Coaches Are Overworked and Underpaid

Last year the median pay for a full time fitness trainer was $40,510 per year, or $19.48.

That is just not enough for someone who changes lives. Those are the stats, but not for a PFP coach. We are proud to say that a PFP coach is paid well above industry averages, achieves balance, is fulfilled and inspired by the team they work with everyday, and has growth opportunities within the growing organization.

From 2020-2030 the estimated growth of this job is 39%, significantly higher than the average. The problem will be longevity. How long can and will a life changing coach, be a coach?

Based on research and observation, we have found that the lifespan of a coach in the fitness industry is declining rapidly. Why?

Similar to a teacher, coaches give, give, and give some more. They are overworked and significantly underpaid. We know that money is not why coaches get into the industry and we know there are many other factors that are far more important than money (listed below). It is simply the reality.

Many of these fitness coaches do not have leaders who pour into and develop them. They do not have someone challenging them to grow like they do for their clients. They are not surrounded by passionate, purpose driven colleagues day to day. When you work in a field where you are constantly giving, you need to receive. Otherwise you pour from an empty cup.

Every coach needs a leader and a strong team to be a part of if they want to:

  1. Avoid burnout and fulfill their calling
  2. Maximize the impact they make in people’s lives
  3. Add to their knowledge and business/financial wisdom
  4. Maintain balance and have a wonderful family life
  5. Grow their income

5 things that combat fit pro burnout:

  1. A schedule that avoids 5 split shifts a week and promotes peace and balance
  2. The ability to earn a competitive, livable income without having to coach 45+ hours a week
  3. A supporting staff who assists with customer service and sales for you so you can spend the majority of your time doing what you do best→ coaching and changing lives
  4. Having a mentor, a personal leader who helps you be successful, navigate your career, set goals, and create plans to accomplish those goals
  5. Being on a team full of fun, servant-minded, passionate professionals that are focused on changing the world and enjoying the journey

If you know someone in the fitness industry who is unfulfilled at their current job but is passionate about coaching and changing lives, please point them to our website.

If you know someone in college who is pursuing a career in the fitness and exercise science industry, please point them in the direction of our website and then our apprenticeship program application.

PFP sees a world where every kid and adult in every community has a mentor leader - a coach who inspires them, believes in them, cares for them deeply, and challenges them to be the best version of themselves. We believe every person deserves to have something to look forward to every week - a place to go to that is contagiously positive where they can get results, build relationships, and transform into a confident, successful leader.

In order to make that vision become a reality, we need more coaches who believe what we believe. We need talented, best-in-class coaches who will do whatever it takes to help others succeed and who are willing to do the hard work of keeping themselves fueled and inspired.

Do you know anyone who fits the PFP DNA?

Thank you for sharing the work we are doing here at PFP. We appreciate you so much.

All the best,

Andrew Simpson

Founder of Player’s Fitness and Performance

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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