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February Warrior of the Month - Tom Starkoski

Congratulations to our February Warrior of the Month, Tom Starkoski!  Read a little more about Tom's journey below...

I have always been active but a series of minor injuries, business travel, and lifestyle choices contributed to losing my edge.  I started at PFP with the goal of getting my life back, improving my health, getting stronger, and being a better example for my son.  With my work schedule and other challenges, I didn’t work out much for a few years.  I started working out at PFP at the original location, primarily at 6 am.  This is best for my schedule and helps me start the day off right.  Since I have been at PFP, I have regained much of my strength and flexibility.  I am doing things now that I didn’t do when I played college sports.  Had I worked out with this program, coaching, and intensity I would have played college sports longer and been more effective.  I enjoy PFP to the point that my week isn’t complete if I don’t get to train during the week.  Minus one month of traveling in Europe for work, I have been part of the Elite 8 for the majority of my time at PFP.  Thanks to PFP and my Family for supporting my efforts to achieve my goals and be better every week.  

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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