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Extraordinary Visualization for Athletes

Whether your athlete just had a tough weekend performing or they are just eager to take their game up to another level, this is going to propel them forward.

Here is the extraordinary power of visualization for an athlete…

There was a researcher at the University of Chicago who wanted to finally answer the question, “Can visualization alone make an athlete perform better?

He took 15 basketball players, broke them up into three groups of five.

Group number one, all they did for an hour after every practice was shoot free throws. They shot free throws for an hour.

Group number two, all they did was visualize shooting free throws for an hour after every practice (that must have been so boring).

And then group number three, they did nothing.

The results that followed are the reason why sports psychologists have taken this concept of visualization and have spread it across the globe to athletes and sports teams everywhere. Now, sports teams visualize all the time. It's part of their regular routine. But most middle school and high school athletes, they don't do this consistently.

They found that group number one increased their free throw percentage by 24%. Extraordinary results by just practicing for one hour every day.

But get this, this is where it's crazy-- group number two, they didn't touch a basketball, and they improved their free throw percentage by 23%.


That is a lazy person's dream!

And then, group number three, as expected, they saw no improvements.

On October 18th here at PFP, we have our second Peak Performance Mindset workshop where we are going deep with your athlete on visualization so that they go beyond a basic understanding of the concept and they actually start doing it.

Most athletes have heard of visualization at this point but they don't really know how to do it, they don't know the why behind it, and they certainly don't practice it consistently.

We are going deep on this so that your athlete makes it a habit in their life and in their athletic performance.

And then, the bonus piece of this workshop is going to be Equipping Your Athlete With Self Talk, which is something every athlete would be wise to spend a little bit of concentrated effort on.

- What do I actually say to myself?

- Why do I say these things?

- What's the result?

- What do I want to start saying to myself?

- What would be the result if that was my self- talk?

- What’s the plan of action to get that implemented?

Here is the link to Register for the In-Person or Virtual Workshop.

These sessions, where a trained Mental Game Coach and Counselor teaches the next level of visualization for performance, are normally hundreds of dollars. We are excited to be able to offer it to your student for just $79. You will also receive the bonuses here plus the recordings and worksheets.

We look forward to the opportunity to equip your athlete via this workshop and helping him or her take a massive step towards confidence and competence.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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