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Everything You Need Today

PFP family,

Happy Monday. Today ​will ​be what you and I ​make it​. Choose to see this beautiful day through the lens of ​opportunity. ​Smash the ​can't dos ​and ​things that ​can't be changed​,​ and replace them with the possibilities.

Below you will find:

1. A motivational message

2. The Mind Right, Body Right, Soul Right, Heart Right Checklist

3. Energizing Workout of the Day

4. Nutrition Tip of the Day

​5. Mindset Fuel for a Better Perspective (our secret sauce)

Your Mind Right, Body Right, Soul Right, Heart Right Checklist​

Please TEXT OR EMAIL US BACK TODAY and let your coaches know that you completed the checklist. We will be recognizing you on social media so that we can INSPIRE many others to get THEIR mind, body, heart, and soul right every day.

Access this on the Virtual Experience Portal as well.​


The opposite of this of course, would be sowing seeds of ​disunity.​

A friend of mine who is a family law attorney told me the other day she predicts the amount of abuse, divorce, and family trauma that will occur over the next 3 months will sky rocket.


I would like to replace ​will ​with ​could.

​Sow Seeds of Unity Today

Every unkind word spoken, sarcastic remark spouted off, and opportunity to connect turned down is a ​withdrawal from your loved ones emotional bank account.

​Sow seeds of unity.

Honor your loved ones by giving them undivided attention, asking their opinion on all of this stuff, asking them for their help. Honor, respect, and have fun with them :-)

Your Energizing Workout of the Day

Keep it Movin’

Make your way down the list of exercises working at your own pace! In between each exercise you’ll complete 5 burpees. Once you’ve completed the list, take a quick break and then start back from the top again. Put this on repeat for 30 minutes.

50 High Knees

40 Mt. Climbers

30 Lunge Jumps

20 Shoulder Taps (push up position, tap each shoulder one hand at a time)

10 Squat Jumps

8 Pushups to Pike (push up, then into a downward dog)

6 Single Leg Toe Taps (Each Leg)

4 Bear Crawls (up and back 3-5 yards)

Don’t forget to add your 5 burpees after each exercise!

​​REMEMBER, if you want different workouts (i.e. Strength, TRX ONLY, etc...go to the Member Portal! Is it getting populated DAILY!)

​And if you want to invest in a 1 on 1 Virtual Coaching Session to get more ideas, specific workouts for you, and a full personal training session, email us or text one of us.

​Nutrition Tip from Coach Steph

Sugar is probably the number one biggest problem when it comes to nutrition. It is in SO MANY THINGS!! It can be easy to think that it is ok to have sugar because if we cut it out, what can we eat?!? Don't fall into that trap. Eating natural sugars is fine such a fruit. ​​But if you cut out processed foods and eat clean whole foods, you will be set! Especially during this time where lots of people are home, kids are around wanting sugary foods, take authority and cut out the sugar. Plan healthy meals, and make eating clean fun. Your body, your mood, your metabolism, and your energy will thank you! ​

Mindset Fuel

Jim Rohn is one of the most impactful and engaging philosophers ever to live. This workshop (typically thousands of dollars, but no cost when you go here) will transform you.

​Your Mindset Fuel of the Day​

Dedicated to your health, happiness, and success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. Share this with a friend and invite them to the virtual workout today if you think it will help them! #leaderslead

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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