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Event Tomorrow + Daily Fuel!

I am doing it JUST for those who really want to have unconditional motivation, relentless consistency, and to be the leader people look to in times of uncertainty)

You’ve been exposed, so have I. Yes, YOU. And whatever is now showing is OK! For now...

Your Fear Vs. Faith Meter has been exposed.

Your level of love and patience in the midst of challenge has been exposed.

Your current commitment to your health, fitness, and vibrancy has been exposed.

Your current mental and emotional resilience has been exposed.

GOOD!!!! You are where you are RIGHT NOW. But who doesn't want to be better?

ONE of the many reasons I am GRATEFUL for this mess is because it has exposed where I need to grow.

I am dead serious. I am grateful for this opportunity. All I care about in this life is becoming the person God created me to become so that I can lead others to become who THEY were created to become. This mess has made me realize where I am falling short.

You and I are only as good as our weakest moments.

Honor this struggle RIGHT NOW. Honor the resistance you are facing. Honor your life and those around you by responding differently today.

The ways in which you and I have responded to this reflects our current level of greatness in that particular area of life. And that is OK! Don’t make excuses. Don’t justify it. And please, don’t SETTLE for it.

Make a list of how you have responded to this. How are you doing with the following things:

My health, fitness and nutrition habits during this time:

My spiritual efforts, prayer game, journal game during this time:

My patience, kindness, and helpfulness to others during this time:

My planning, preparation, and resourcefulness during this time:

My vision for the future, daily decision to close my eyes and see past the present circumstance with a smile on my face during this time:

Now, what are you going to do to change?

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2. Nutrition Tip of the Day from Coach Stephanie


Happy Thursday Warriors! I have heard many people say that one of the hardest things with all that is going on is the lack of normal routine. This may be routines with work, family, healthy habits, nutrition, the list could go on.

Control what you CAN control, and spend less time worrying about the things you cannot.

Your morning, how you start your day, is very much within your control.

Schedule time for movement, a healthy breakfast, some quiet time to journal, reflect, and get your mind in a positive space.

Schedule positive perspective time and make it part of your new routine. Check in with your head space every hour and shift your thoughts of worry, fear, and frustration to joy, gratitude, and love.

Keep the routine of eating clean! If you are in the habit of meal prepping, don’t stop! In fact, this may be the perfect time to start getting in that new habit. If something healthy is already prepared for you, it becomes a lot easier to make the healthy choice!

3. Workout of the Day from Coach Chris! (can also be accessed on your new membership website along with all previous day workouts)

Muscle Splits

Today’s workout is broken up into body parts. We will focus on upper body, lower body and then core. You will complete each exercise for 8 reps, then 10 reps, and then finish with 12 reps. After completing each set, take a 1 minute rest before repeating exercises. These exercises should be completed under control to build muscle strength.

Round 1 - Upper Body - 8,10,12

-  Shoulder Tap Tempo Pushup

-  Low Plank to High Plank

-  Dips

-  Wideouts (Plank kick through)

Round 2 - Lower Body - 8,10,12

-  Goblet Pause Squats

-  Goblet Split Squats (Each leg)

-  Single Leg Toe Tap (Each leg)

-  Squat Jump

Round 3 - Core - 8,10,12

-  Side Plank Reach Through (Each side)

-  Hollow Drop

-  Russian Twist (Each side)

-  Reverse Plank Hip Lift

4. Mindset Fuel of the Day

Tony Robbins: 5 Steps to Building a Winning Attitude

With love,

Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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