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Effort Goals VS. Result Goals (key to confidence and sport success)

Johnny was thinking about the big game tomorrow. He was thinking about the college coach that would be in the stands. He was thinking about how he needed to play in order to have a great performance. Thinking about his peers, parents, and fans watching...

The only problem was that “how he needed to play” was not completely within his control.

He was thinking to himself, “I need to score at least one goal (to show the coach I am a scorer), I need to have at least one assist (to show the coach I am unselfish and a good passer), and we need to win the game (to show the coach I am a good leader and can will a team to victory.”

Johnny had set a great intention and had a great desired result in mind. However, desired results are never 100% within our control, which leads to a problem.

As an athlete you MUST balance your Desired Result Goal with an Effort Goal, or you will end up frustrated, disappointed, and performing with unnecessary FEAR.

Effort goals are 100% within your control. “Tomorrow in the game I want to leave it ALL out on the field. Whether we are winning or losing, I am committing to giving my best effort physically. Also, I am going to give an A+ effort with attitude. If I make a mistake, if coach pulls me, or if the other team gives a cheap shot, I am going to pause, take a deep breath, and focus on the next play.”

That is an example of a solid EFFORT goal.

If Johnny would have set both a Desired Result Goal as well as an effort goal, he would have been able to “WIN” either way. Because as an athlete, especially a team sport athlete, you are never going to get the desired result you want every time. But you can always control your effort.

Set both. Typically the effort goals are less flashy, less admired, and less recognized. But the right people will notice them. College coaches notice them. And they will lead you to feeling accomplished, confident, and motivated to keep moving forward.

Dedicated to your athlete’s success,

Coach Andrew

P.S. Watch this short video titled, “The TRUTH about sports parents”. It is an EYE-OPENER and quite entertaining. Just a few minutes...

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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