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Do You Know the Secret to Success?

Our Secret Athlete Success Formula

I want to share with you our Secret Success Formula that has helped more than 750 student athlete’s in Frederick County develop more confidence and success in sport and life.

Here it is:


  • Fun  
  • Inspiration  
  • Love

Those three components are at the root of everything we do at PFP.

Why FUN?

We believe that working out is a choice. It is optional. You don’t HAVE to do it.

People will not do things that they do not have to do for long if they do not enjoy doing them.

Therefore, we intentionally make PFP fun.

Fun, goofy, light-hearted people. Fun warm ups. Jokes. Funny (borderline creepy) faces of our team members posted around the gym. We aim to make the experience FUN so that our students want to come back. This does two things:


  • Gives us more time to mentor them and come alongside of parents to help their athlete grow to their full potential


  • Instills a desire in them to be physically fit and active for life. If, at a young age, they begin associating exercise with fun, they will be more likely to continue working out when they get older. Isn’t THAT alone worth the investment?


We all know that kids are capable of far more than they believe they are. And because they don’t believe they can do things, their actions follow their beliefs.

We aim to pull the best out of our students every single day, even if that means getting them slightly outside of their comfort zone.

“Today you are going to do 10 chin ups.”

“WHAT!” I can’t do that!”

“Yes you can, and we are going to do it together. One rule, do not give up. You’ve got this”

And so, we create opportunities for them to prove to themselves that they ARE able. They ARE capable. They DO have way more in their tank than they even know.

We call this Increasing Capacity. Once you push yourself further than you thought you could go (physically OR mentally) you have just increased your capacity. It is a beautiful thing.

We all need to be inspired. We all need someone to tell us and show us that they believe we have more inside of us than we are currently accessing.


Two reasons.

The first is that it is the deepest longing we all have. To be LOVED and accepted, unconditionally, by people other than our parents :-)

This is why we have students with little athletic ability as well as high level D1 athletes. Everyone is accepted and loved by our team and guests. You do not have to look a certain way, have a certain set of skills, or accomplish/achieve ANYTHING to be viewed as special and worthy by our team.

Accomplishments and accolades are great, but we do not value those things above character and effort. We believe that when character and effort are rewarded, the accolades come as a result.

The second reason that LOVE is part of our Secret Athlete Success Formula is because students aren’t getting enough of it, especially in the sports world.

We define LOVE as DO-ing the following things:


  • Being patient and understanding with them when they are angry, frustrated, or not “feelin’ it”  
  • Serving them- helping them clean up weights, get water for them, stretch them  
  • Showing up when they are injured or struggling with a “life storm”  
  • Reaching out to them via video or text  
  • Having secret high fives  
  • PUSHING them to do more and never allowing them to settle for an average effort  
  • Never comparing them to someone else  
  • Helping them through decision making processes




If you feel your athlete could benefit from those three things, let us know by replying to this email. We are at a point we have never been, where we only have a handful of spots open in our 12 Week Confident, Successful Athlete Training Program at PFP.

With consistency and intention, your child could very well be 10X as confident and successful on and off the field 12 weeks from now than they have ever been.

Dedicated to your athlete’s success,

Coach Andrew

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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