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Dealing With Success Like a Champion

I’ve actually never heard anyone talk about how to help student-athletes handle success. I’ve never heard anyone address the dangerous pitfalls that many kids face when they step into the spotlight at a young age. That is why I want to give you a huge early Christmas gift- more on that below.

I’ve also never heard anyone talk about why it is that some kids have the potential to be successful but CHOOSE not too because of a mental block that they have up and do not even know it!

The Truth is that dealing with success is NOT Easy.

Everyone thinks life will be easier when they are successful. Every athlete thinks life is a breeze for the athletes who are “winning”.

Tell that to the 14 year old freshman girl who earned a full ride to a top tier D1 program and is now experiencing more mental and relational struggles than ever before.

Success is HARD if you have never learned “How to Handle Success Like a Champion.”

Currently, PFP is experiencing great success. And as a result, my job is actually 10X harder. I have to do way more work on my mindset, emotions, and how I respond to pressure and expectations from other people than on the work itself.

The Truth is that becoming successful is really not that hard.

SUSTAINING success and MAINTAINING a positive mindset, confidence, passion, joy, mental health, physical well-being, and relationships along the way IS HARD!

I started doing mindset coaching with a young girl named Carrie a few months after she earned a full-ride as a freshman in high school. Guess what happened during those few months between earning the scholarship and coming to me for help?


  • She created unnecessary pressure and higher expectations in her own mind, leading to massive anxiety.  
  • Her friends began to ridicule her. “You think you are so much better than us, Carrie.” Try handling that as a 14 year old girl with no prior training on how to deal with it.  
  • Her parents and grandparents told everyone about how great their Carrie was. Social media blew up. Guess what this resulted in for Carrier? “I better keep rising up, I do not want my parents and grandparents to be disappointed in me”. #morepressure

Do you know what all of this means for Carrie and the rest of the young men and women in sports who step into the spotlight without learning How to Handle Success Like a Champion?

I’ll give you a hint...what hangs in the balance is failure to obtain the #1, undeniable human desire we all have.

Ready for your gift? Just for being part of our digital community I want to GIVE you access to the online Mini-Course called Dealing With Success Like a Champion- it is a two part video training that will help your athlete to:


  • Break past the mental blocks holding them back from pursuing success


  • Be equipped to handle success when it does come and avoid the 2 most dangerous pitfalls so many athletes in the spotlight face  
  • Learn WHY these two things can turn into dangerous pitfalls if they are not careful  
  • Walk away with 3 concrete solutions-- a clear roadmap so that can deal with success like a champion.  

This course is typically a two part in person Mindset Session that costs $147.

You can claim your gift and get access to the “Dealing With Success Like a Champion” Mini-Course here→

Success Mini-Course

Registration will close Friday at 12 noon so make sure to register now.

I cannot stand back and watch another teenager who has so much potential squander it away, succumb to mediocrity, or chase the never-ending lure of perfectionism because they never learned how to deal with success like a champ.

Register here and you will receive immediate access to this bonus course.

Dedicated to your athletes success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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