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I am missing my mom, sister, and nephews right now! Big time. I am also missing the PFP may not be blood related but you are as close as it gets.

Anyone else feeling this way or am I the only one?

Are you missing things that you did not think you would ever lose or be deprived of, so therefore did not ever have to miss?

Aside from telling them that you miss them, how else can you show it? Send them a hand written letter? A funny photo of you with them? A personalized video?

Today, let’s all tell the people whom we miss the most, that we miss them. Show them through one of the means I listed above. It won’t fix the void, but it’ll feel good for both parties.

Join Us Today: Family Partner Workout! Grab some gloves and a mask if you wish, and let’s smile and sweat with our kids, parents, or siblings :-) Sign up on Mindbody or email

Tanya and I will lead you and your family through a motivational family message followed by a fun, interactive, team building workout.

Not doing the family workout OR you want a workout for tomorrow? Here is a complimentary workout from Coach Chris to our warrior community.

*Note: you can find plenty of videos on your Virtual Membership Website now- it has been updated by Coach Brian and has a bunch of great workouts to do with videos to go along with them.

Workout: Timing Is Everything

Complete each exercise for ​40​ seconds followed by a ​20​ second rest. After your rest move on to the next exercise on the list. Complete each round 3 times through before moving on to the next round.

Round 1 (3 sets of :​40​on/:​20​off)

Shoulder Tap Pushup

Split Squat Hold (:20ea leg) Side Shuffle Touch Down Bridge March

Core Break (2 sets of :​30​on/:​15​off)


Windshield Wipers* V-Sit Leg Extension*

Round 2 (3 sets of :​40​on/:​20​off)

Plank Spidermans

Prisoner Squats*

Lateral Mat Hops

Broken Plank Alt. Leg Extension*


*Windshield Wipers -- lying on your back, extend both legs up to ceiling (or knees bent), slowly lower legs down to side while keeping core engaged. Repeat side to side like windshield wipers.

*V-sit Leg Extension -- Sit in a v-hold position with hands on ground supporting lower back. Next, extend one or both legs while keeping core engaged.

*Prisoner Squats -- start in a kneeling position with hands behind head, stand to your feet while staying low in a squat position. Return to kneeling and repeat.

*Broken Plank Alt. Leg Extension -- begin in a bear crawl position with knees hovering over the ground, extend one leg straight behind you by squeezing your glutes. Alternate pattern on each leg.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew and your PFP Team!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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