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Cut From The Team


I just finished a Mindset Session with an athlete who had recently been cut from the team he had been on for the previous few years.

The coach told him that he had bad lacrosse IQ, his shot was weak, his attitude was bad.

This was new news to him and really jolted him.

"Good! Be grateful, Shawn. Thanks to this coach, you have an opportunity most athlete's never take advantage of."

24 hours later he made a new team that is a better opportunity for him and the coach literallytold him the opposite of what the previous coach told him-- "Your IQ is strong Shawn, you have a great shot, and I like your leadership."

It's time for a New Definition of Success.

The secret I revealed to Shawn, that few athletes know (or believe in their heart) is that they are in complete control of their success and experience in sports. It's your mindset that matters most.

But few know how to create a definition of success that puts the ball in your court.

The Worst Definition of Success EVER = My Personal Performance + The Opinion of Others.

^^^ If this is your current definition (whether it's conscious or not), I can predict the 3 results as soon as you perform poorly, get criticism, get cut, or fail to get praise from people:

1. Anxiety

2. Insecurity

3. Self Doubt

Shawn's New Definition of Success:
My Consistent Effort + My Positive Attitude

Shawn is going to read his new definition of success out loud 3x/day and he will draw an imaginary line in the sand and "step over it" everyday for 30 days symbolizing that he is leaving his old definition behind him.

The result will be more consistent mental and emotional performance which will lead to more consistent performance in sports and life.

Change your definition of success, change your life.

Dedicated to your athlete's success on and off the field,

Coach Andrew J Simpson

P.S. I am about to open enrollment to a program that I typically only open enrollment to 1-2 times per year. It's mindset, leadership, coaching (like I coached Shawn to do 30 days straight of reading his definition of success out loud so that it STICKS), and more. Don't miss it, you'll see it hit your inbox tomorrow and it will be live for 48 hours.

(If you are already part of this program just a heads up, you will not receive the email tomorrow- you are in and are good to go.)

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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