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Crazy Youth Sports

Beware, this message will challenge any sports coach, mom, or dad who thinks their athlete is on the right path.

It baffles me and motivates me that so many are still missing the mark. Big time.

Constant "encouragement" to DO MORE--> "go run more", "hit the court/bounce-back/field every single minute you are not at practice or games"

Unintentionally over-bearing and over-involved parents

Pressure packed pre-game reminders about how their kid should play

Always implying results are all that matters by asking "how did you do?" instead of: "did you give your best or did you have fun?"

Screaming from the stands (or just feeling anxious about the game) and not realizing the craziness of it all

Getting worked up and having unrealistic expectations- forgetting that progress in life is not linear- it is about 2 steps forward and ONE STEP BACK

Exerting way more energy on things outside of their control (i.e. their kid not getting playing time) than focusing on what is within their control

Non-stop conversations about sports at dinner time, in the car, before bed, and more.

What does this look like after a year? 3 years? 10?

I will tell you from experience:

❌ A kid who fears failing, or worse, a kid who simply fears falling short and therefore takes very few risks in life

❌ A kid motivated by temporary accolades and pleasing everyone but him or herself

❌ A kid who resents the very game he or she once loved

❌ A kid who develops excusitis

❌ A kid who either is chronically injured OR experiences one or two BIG injuries

❌ A confused young man or woman who isn't sure what his or her values really should be- sports seem to be most important but that doesn't seem quite right...something on the inside tells them there is more

❌ A relationship that was built on sports and has no foundation in deep and meaningful conversation and connection

It is a CRAZY youth sports world out there. It is not your fault if you've fallen victim to any one or more of the traps that society is trying to lure you into.

If you have not read or listened to my new book, The Youth Truth: Coaching and Parenting in Today's CRAZY Youth Sports World, it is time to.

You are write a new story that leads to:

✅ A stronger, deeper relationship with your kids

✅ A happier, healthier, AND higher-performing athlete

✅ A sense of calm, confidence, and joy restored while you are watching him or her play

✅ A team who wins more and enjoys the process

✅ A kid who is confident, takes ownership and responsibility, and becomes the leader

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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