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Constructive Comparison

The Only Constructive Comparison: To compare yourself to who you once were.

If you get this one thing right, you will feel more fulfilled, successful, and mentally healthy all the days of your life.

As a recovering “good is never good enough, NEVER be satisfied” perfectionist, I’ve learned the immense value of satisfaction (different from complacency).

A career of never being satisfied sounds, well, dissatisfying!

When we compare ourselves against how far we fall short of our future ideal self, we lose.

When we compare the beginning of our journey to the middle of someone else’s, we lose.

The only healthy form of comparison which leads to sustained growth AND mental health is to compare yourself to who you were.

Be patient AND persistent. Practice the same grace for yourself that you would for a friend or teammate! It's all part of taking back control of our mindset.

Dedicated to your joy and success in sports and life,

Coach Andrew Simpson, PFP

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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