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Connect with the Kids FIRST!

Connect with Kids, Correct the Kids (reversing the order does not work).

What I’ve witnessed over the past decade at PFP is coaches who prioritize Connecting First. It is an extraordinary thing to witness.

Whether it is about video games, sports, hobbies, passions, or any other interests, our coaches make Herculean efforts to connect with the kids.

Because when they do, the kids give them permission to Course Correct. To speak truth into their lives. To challenge them and to hold them accountable.

It’s one of those subtle shifts that can change everything.

Connect then Correct. It’s an art that any coach can master with enough intentionality!

Dedicated to your child's success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

Founder of PFP

Author of The Youth Truth: Coaching and Parenting in Today's CRAZY Youth Sports World

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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