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Career Ending Injury

What is the ​reason ​for all of the hard work at practice? All of the training. All of the discipline, sacrifice, and passion of an athlete?

​To play​, of course.

I just witness ​another ​athlete go down with a career ending injury. Why?

"That would never happen to me" ​Mentality

- Waiting to get a stretch or massage after you get hurt and then waiting until you get hurt again = a "That would never happen to me" ​Mentality​

​​- Waiting until you get hurt to finally say, "I will find a way to get to the gym to do recovery 1x/week in season" = a "That would never happen to me" ​Mentality​

- Foam rolling for 90 seconds 2 days per week and saying, "Yep, I am doing adequate amounts of rolling and injury prevention" = a "That would never happen to me" ​Mentality​

​Chronic overuse injuries account for more than 50% of all college and youth sports injuries. Chronic overuse = preventable.

I know, for many of you, your athlete is in season right now. They are ​always ​in season. Whether it is 7:15 pm or Saturday morning, the pain of discipline is far better to deal with than the pain of regret.

Email us at and we will get your athlete set up for their 1x/week in-season maintenance and recovery program.

This is just the ​physical injury piece. ​There are even more mental and emotional "injuries" kids are struggling with in-season nowadays.

- Coach benching me

- Coach not thinking before he calls me out, berates me, or questions my character

- Teammates being arrogant, rude

- Not performing to my best, struggling through a slump

- Self-sabotaging when I mess up

- Negative attitude after a failed attempt, leading to yet another bad play

If you want to make sure all of your athletes year round training, practice, and efforts result in a confident, healthy, successful season...let's work together to find a way!

email us: or call us: (240) 341-2921

Dedicated to your athlete's health and success,

Coach Andrew, Coach Travis, and the PFP Athlete Coaches

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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