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Buffalo, Fear, Anxiety

We have a large number of teenagers we are working with right now to help them move past fear that is leading to massive anxiety.

Some are choosing to live with this pain with no action, some are actively working to find ​healthy vehicles ​to drive them through it, but most are choosing ​unhealthy vehicles that WILL NOT work in the long run. ​No chance.

- Avoidance

- Social Media Indulgence

- "Put my head down and work harder in school and sports"

- Short term pleasure opportunities like partying, dating/sleeping around, etc.

- And many others...

The circumstances are different for each but the ​root ​is the same-- fear.

They are each hiding their challenges from their friends, their siblings, their coaches, and their parents.

The path to improvement cannot be explained through one blog, but here is an incredibly practical, transformational story that has made a difference and provided the opportunity for a solution for many of them:

​The Story of the Buffalo

​The only behavioral difference between a cow and a buffalo is this:

When a storm is coming, a cow ​isolates ​him or herself from other cattle and runs ​away from the storm.

​It is a very, very short term solution to feeling better.

But as we can all visualize, the storm eventually catches up and because of the direction the cow and storm are going, it ends up getting caught in the storm longer!

The buffalo is smarter. When a storm is coming, buffalo ​come together ​with other buffalo and they run ​into the storm.

(They know that all the other buffalo are dealing with fear and doubt as well, so they don't try to put up a front and hide their feelings.)

​It hurts a little more in the beginning.

It evokes a bit ​more ​fear in anticipation of hitting the storm.

However, as you know, the buffalo end up getting through the storm faster and ​with an elevated ​courage and confidence ​that they did not have prior to running into the storm.


"I could do that again" the buffalo says.

"That wasn't so bad after-all."

"I feel better, I AM better. No more running. I WILL do this next time!"

"Be a buffalo, be a buffalo, be a buffalo!" we now say to our students in order to encourage them during the times in life they are tempted to ​run away. ​And it is important that ​they ​can say it to THEMSELVES in those moments. Self-talk inspiration is key.

Pass this story along. It may just give your child, friend, or family member the tool they need to lean in and thrive.

Dedicated to your child's mental, emotional, and physical performance,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

​Credit to the C12 Group​ in Frederick Md who taught me the story of the buffalo and are helping PFP make a deeper impact in people's lives.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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