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Bonus Workout For You, Plus Tons More

PFP Family, this is your Daily Fuel Email. Below is a motivational message, a nutrition power tip, a workout of the day, and a video to watch for mindset fuel today!

A Cloak of Love

Who can I cover with a “cloak of love today?” This was my quiet time this morning. Cloak means, “to cover, to conceal”. It’s cousins on the noun side of the family are roof and shelter. The Bible says it this way→ Love Always Protects.

I know some of my family, friends, and loved ones need that type of love and protection right now. Someone who asks them, “How are you, really? Let’s talk.” What about you? Anyone who you need to FaceTime today that needs your cloak?

Today, offer someone your genuine, heartfelt concern for them. Make sure to receive yours this morning, and then cover them with the cloak of love you’ve already been given. If we all do that, we all win.

Thank you to Max Lucado for writing about this in your book, A Love Worth Giving.

Today is Day 5 of the PFP Virtual Fitness Experience

​1. "Pay What You Can” and Jump On Our Brand New Members Only Virtual Portal​. (do not let ​unknowns, uncertainty, fear of failure, embarrassment, or any other mental blocks hold you back from the PFP Virtual Experience)

Class times are being ADDED for athletes. 3 pm on Mondays and Thursdays in order to provide more options. The 9 am athlete class is also moving to 10 am (sleepy heads). AND, adult times change next week to reflect your requests. We also are adding virtual classes with Coach Brian for kids 6-11 years old on Tuesday's and Thursday's 2 pm!

--> Click Here for Access to the Virtual Experience Site​ <--

“Pay What You Can” -no arguments or pushbacks, please. Just accept this gift and get connected with the virtual experience- what goes around comes around. We have all been given blessings during times of challenge, and this is yourtime.

There is literally no excuse not to participate in the PFP Virtual Fitness Experience. Price is NOT a limiter, and we all can find the time to do something that is going to get us human connection, make us feel AWESOME, and keep our mindset strong and healthy.

2. Nutrition Tip of the Day from Coach Stephanie

Have FUN with FOOD. Make snacks an experience for your family.You are the FUN CREATOR during these times!

With the kids being home from school it can be easy to snack on unhealthy options like chips and cookies. Here are some really fun and creative snacks to make together that make everyone happy and healthy! These snacks are not limited to kids. Adults, have a little fun with your healthy snacks too! Enjoy!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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