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August Athlete of The Month, Morgan Tilley

Morgan has been a special athlete from a young age. She was a part of the US Club Soccer's id2 National Identification and Development Program. This program helps identify top players in the US. Sponsored by Nike. She traveled to Lyon, France to represent the USA sponsored by Adidas. She didn’t live a typical life, but enjoyed the life she created through her athletic talents. A little over two years ago, Morgan’s world was shattered when her parents decided to separate, leaving largely Morgan and her mom to navigate new waters. Morgan struggled as any child would. But when she stepped on the field, she found peace. She would get inspiring and encouraging texts from Travis, who is on the other side of the country making sure she was in a positive mindset. She would find camaraderie, additional support and happiness when she stepped through the doors of PFP. For Morgan, this is what made PFP more than just a gym. PFP helped her stay the course that Morgan set out for herself to achieve the goal of playing high-level soccer in college, receiving a scholarship to a D1 school (University of Delaware). It’s easy for a young person to veer in times of confusion, struggle, heartache and uncertainty, but Morgan chose to take a more difficult path – the path that she built for herself.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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