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Athlete of the Month Ashlyn Krajewski

I am Ashlyn Krajewski and I’m in eighth grade at Walkersville Middle School. I play both beach and indoor club volleyball. I have been coming to PFP since November 2019. Initially, I started PFP to get physically stronger and get better at volleyball. I wanted to build muscles and be able to jump higher.  As soon as I started working out at PFP, I noticed it was different. The workouts were created specifically for each individual and what they wanted to achieve. I also noticed that the coaches really cared about me.  They are invested in making you successful, not only in the gym, but in life. In the time I’ve been going to PFP, I have improved in numerous ways. My confidence has increased, I have a more positive mindset, and I am much better on the volleyball court. The coaches create challenging workouts and give me new exercises to perform.  All of the motivation, encouragement, and positive reinforcement have benefitted my approach to life.  With each session, I am determined to work hard and even try to break my own personal records.  The interaction outside of the workouts is perhaps even more important to me.  The coaches always ask how I’m doing and when I feel out of it, they are quick to motivate me and make me feel better.  They take the time to talk to me from a personal angle and not as a “gym coach.”  I feel very blessed to be in the PFP family and every single person there has helped me in so many ways.  I look forward to continuing the workouts so I can become a better athlete, but also a better person.THANK YOU, PFP!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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