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Are you too hard on yourself?

The quality of my life is the quality of the emotions I experience.

When is the last time you felt proud of yourself?

Are you proud of yourself?

If not, why are you depriving yourself this amazing emotion? I had a conversation with a young man on Tuesday who cannot recall a single moment in his life where he felt proud of himself. Come to find out, his dad has the same challenge...

Most people I talk to experience the feeling of being proud of ​other people ​from time to time, which is beautiful, but they rarely if EVER do they experience it for themselves. Do you?

If the quality of my life depends on the quality of my emotions, how can I get myself to experience more of the GREAT ones, like feeling proud of myself?

If I am not experiencing this emotion, there’s a high likelihood I have a good bit of anxiety over:

1. What’s missing from my life

2. What I'm missing out on

3. The areas I fall short of "perfection" in (everything)

Being too hard on yourself is a daily choice. It is one you don’t even realize you’re making but the truth remains, it ​is a choice.

What do you want more in life? To be happy? Or to strive, stress, and try to be perfect so others will think higher of you?


Write down 3 to 5 things you have done, become, or accomplished in your life that you are proud of. Not just "big medal worthy accomplishments". I mean ​anything. ​My list is below.

Make it a weekly, monthly, or at least a consistent semi-annual practice where are reflect on the things you’re proud of in your life.

You and I will need to do the work if you want to experience this powerful emotion on a regular basis.

I spent way too many years dwelling on, and I mean DWELLING on what ​wasn't. Where I ​wasn't ​crushing it. I obsessed over what was missing and on where I fell short. I had no clue this was a choice.

Once I started the practice of closing my eyes from time to time, being grateful for how far I’ve come, and allowing myself to feel the wonderful feeling of being proud of myself, I all of a sudden became a lot happier.

And surprisingly, I started accomplishing a lot more. The biggest difference is that now, I am enjoying more of the journey.

Top 5 things I am proud of:

1. My consistent effort to keep the order right. God, wife, kids, calling.

I get off track from time to time but I am proud of how focused I have remained on this since day 1 of PFP.

2. That PFP has been able to have a deep and eternal impact on so many. I am proud of us for staying true to who we are and remaining focused on the ​root ​(people).

I am most proud of our team and the transformational impact they make in people's lives everyday.

3. Writing a book. Knowing that so many kids, coaches, and parents have been helped and encouraged  by the message God placed on my heart

4. My personal growth in communication, patience, listening, understanding, and perspective over the years. It is really in my relationships. I am far from an expert but I am proud of my progress.

5. My inner circle. I cannot take full credit but I am proud that I have made choices that have lead to being surrounded by so many incredible people.

What's on your list? Email me at and let me know.

Dedicated to your success and happiness,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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