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Anxiety. It Can Change, Here is How

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 31.1% of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives.

The problem is not the number. The problem is that the number is climbing.And these are just the ones who are diagnosed.

So many of our adults are experiencing anxiety because of a current inability to handle life’s array of new challenges and obstacles, pressures and expectations, comparisons, fears, and worries. Notice I said current inability, not incapability.

If so many adults are experiencing this struggle, it is no wonder why an estimated 31.9% of adolescents will have an anxiety disorder.

The brain of a 13 year old is not naturally capable of handling today’s crazy world. I’ve personally witnessed this too many times and I am sure you have too.

It breaks my heart, it is sad, and so many adults are treating them as if they should be able to handle it better.

Nope. We need to lead them better.

So, what do we do? Knowing that the worry, fear, doubt, and insecurity our kids face today are ultimately leading to a poorer quality of life, lower performance on the field and in the classroom (someday a job), dissatisfaction, and the feeling of loneliness, what can we do?

I will tell you what we CANNOT afford to do:

Ignore it. Normalize it. Go on with our normal agendas as coaches, teachers, and parents.

This is not normal.

Here are a few suggestions:


  • Ask yourself, what matters most? What are the state changes I want to see occur in the lives of the kids I lead? By the end of this year, season, or month, what is my objective?


  • Be vulnerable. Share your struggles so they know it is ok to share theirs.


  • Teach them relevant content. Educate them. Share stories of overcomers. Give tools, strategies, and tactics to overcome. If you do not yet have these strategies you need to learn them. That is what I created the courses I created for coaches, parents, and athletes. So that you could learn a new approach to coaching and parenting that works better for the outcomes you are looking for. Old ways aren’t working...


  • Rearrange, reprioritize, and up your schedule. Let them know, one on one, any day and any time, you are there.


  • Bite the bullet and pay for inspirational speakers, authors, and coaches who can do what maybe you cannot (yet) do.

The past month I have received countless calls, texts, and emails about the impact of The Youth Truth. Things are shifting.  

We are on a mission to transform millions of kids from the inside out. We are striving to help coaches all around the world become coaches of greater impact who can sustain their coaching careers with joy and passion over the long-term. To help parents be the supportive, encouraging parents who raise confident, courageous athletes without interfering.

Thank you for being a part of this crusade. Keep making an impact.

Serving you and your athlete,


Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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