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7 year olds should Strength Train: Here’s why


I am here to talk about Why it is Essential for Your Child to Strength Train between the ages 7 and 11.

A child’s physical, cognitive, and social maturity are key factors in determining the age at which a child is ready to participate in a strength training program.

There is no minimum age requirement for participation, although children must be able to follow directions and demonstrate Proficient body Weight balance and proprioception, which generally occurs by the age of 7.

Did you know as soon as a child is born it begins Strength Training?

Babies learn to Roll, Crawl, Stand up, and walk and this is a demonstration of their version of strength training.

Now the Misunderstanding with Strength Training in our youth is that strength training involves putting your athlete under superior loads that will damage the growth plates and Stunt the growth of your child. But, the exact opposite happens when under proper coaching, supervision, and a structured plan of movements, recovery, and load are combined.

Take this into consideration:

Your child weighs 50 lbs. And they have the ability to walk up and down the stairs. This means that your child has the ability to balance on one leg, project their bodies forward and upwards under a 50lb load and their vestibular system understands how to control this motion + force combination.

Benefits of strength training for Children who play Sports:

  • Muscular Strength and Endurance will increase

  • Injury Prevention for Sports-Related Injuries

  • The increased ability to move proficiently, in turn, increases confidence in the field

Benefits of strength training  for children who do not play Sports:

  • Strengthening of Bones

  • Promotion of Blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Improves and increases your child's confidence and self-esteem

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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