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7 Mental Traps

I have an exciting announcement at the end for you, but first...

Did you know that there are 7 Mental Traps that gobble up high school and college athletes all day everyday? They keep you from peace of mind, healthy thinking, and your best performance:

  1. A disempowering view of adversity (like an injury) that leaves you confused, frustrated, and feeling worth-less when they inevitably arise. You kind of know that "every challenge is an opportunity", but you want to feel that confidence, not just think it.

  2. Allowing your focus to flow to the negative things, the lies, and the circumstances that you cannot change. "Focus on the positive Suzie!" seems like a pipe dream.

  3. Choosing disempowering meanings i.e. “Coach said I’m terrible and benched me, that must mean this is the end, I’m a failure.”

  4. Reacting emotionally and unreasonably to people and circumstances that you cannot control. Wouldn't you love to have control of your emotions and reactions in all circumstances?

  5. Comparing yourself to other people as well as to your future ideal dreams instead of wisely comparing yourself to who you were yesterday. You understand comparison isn't healthy but you really would like someone to tell you HOW to stop doing it!

  6. Letting the wrong voices into your mind (and underestimating the impact of those voices on your daily actions and belief in yourself). You can learn how to keep the wrong ones out and only allow the right ones in.

  7. Placing your self worth and value in things you can't control, until ultimately, they end up controlling you.

There are 7 Mindset Hacks that will empower and free you from the mental traps:

  1. Mindset Hack #1: Take Back Control of How You View of Adversity
  2. Mindset Hack #2: Take Back Control of What You Choose to Focus On
  3. Mindset Hack #3: Take Back Control of the Meaning You Give Things
  4. Mindset Hack #4: Take Back Control of Your Actions and Reactions
  5. Mindset Hack #5: Take Back Control of How You Measure Progress . .
  6. Mindset Hack #6: Take Back Control of What and Who You Let Into Your Mind
  7. Mindset Hack #7: Take Back Control of Your Value and Self Worth


My new book, ATHLETE! The 7 Mindset Hacks to Dominate in Sports and Lifeis coming out February 28.

HOWEVER, if you are a coach of a team, a parent who wants to sponsor a team(like Dave who sponsored TWO high school lacrosse teams with 60 books!), or a business that wants to sponsor a sports team, you can get your signed, advance copies TODAY by replying to this email with your request!

The publisher sent us a handful of advance copies and since the need to help athletes is URGENT, my team and I want to personally begin shipping you the books you need TODAY. These special copies will also be signed with an encouraging note from me personally.

Email our team now and we will send you the different discount bundle options. If none work for you, no biggie. February 28 will be here before you know it!

Shoutout to Dave for sponsoring 30 athletes on 2 local sports teams!

Dedicated to your success in sports and life,

Coach Andrew Simpson

P.S. We do have a limited number of signed advance copies. When they are gone, they are gone. Reply to this email today to get the special discounted bundles for teams and groups.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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