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4 Things Athletes Struggle With

The 4 biggest things we see right now that are hurting our student-athletes are:

  1. Lack of rest and recovery which leads to chronic overuse aches, pains, and injuries (they are still playing, but only at 80% of their potential)
  2. Comparison to others (even when they are doing well, the minute the hear about or see someone else doing great they immediately feel worse about themselves)
  3. Beating themselves up and getting frustrated every time they mess up or make a mistake
  4. Being too slow and not feeling confident in themselves (most of the time they aren't voicing this to anyone)

Two of theses can be solved through education– i.e. comparison to others and beating themselves up after mistakes is a simple training on the mental game: How to Escape the Comparison Trap and How to Overcome Mistakes Quickly

One requires a paradigm shift from coaches- i.e. allocate more practice time to recovery (or watch your players struggle with injury and sub-maximal performance)

And one require a sacrifice– i.e. choose not to do a sport for one season in order to build strength and power so that you can crush it in your main sport

What we cannot afford to do is nothing but expect things to change.

This is your encouragement to be uncommon today! Because uncommon feels a little bad in the beginning but man, it pays off in the long run.

What can you do to be uncommon today?

Serving you, Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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