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33 years, 33 lessons

Today is my 33rd birthday. Here are 33 lessons in 33 years:

1. Proximity is power. What we get closer to, changes us. Which leads to #2…

2. Real laws won’t change. The law of the inner circle reigns true. You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

3. FIRE, ready, aim. PFP wouldn’t exist without this one. Don’t overthink everything. Take risks.

4. Fear not. Most decisions we stress about making are reversible and rarely catastrophic. See lesson above.

5. At some point, addition becomes subtraction. Adding “more” – more stuff, more roles, more responsibility, more activities, actually takes away from the things in life that matter most. #SayNoMoreOften

6. Pay attention to tension. When something doesn’t feel right, or overwhelm starts to build, don’t ignore it. This is your mind, heart, body, and soul warning you!

7. Gratitude is an action not a feeling. If you want to feel more of it, do more of it!

8. The act of writing down your values and what you stand for is a must for everyone, especially leaders. It’s not a one and done thing, it’s something you should do again, and again, and again.

9. I have a Proverbs 31 wife. I am blessed beyond what I deserve.

10. Winning big comes from winning the day, day after day after day after day. Small habits, repeated daily with faith, love, and enthusiasm, produce big wins.

11. There’s a difference between mentoring, coaching, and teaching. Knowing when to use each is important. Most people get plenty of advice- what they really want is your presence and listening ear.

12. Pandemics are revealers and teachers. We tend to find more of what we look for-- look for the good and you'll find joy. Look for what's wrong and what's missing, you'll feel empty. With that said, one pandemic is enough for a lifetime 😉

13. There is truth to “You have to give up to go up,” but you do not have to give up your health or relationships.

14. Information detoxes are necessary for everyone, especially growth-minded people.

15. Less is usually more! Complexity is the enemy of execution. What’s memorable is portable. Use simple words– big words make you sound smarter but that’s not a great goal in life.

16. Capture and create memories (don't wait for others to do that). I still get annoyed about taking tons of pictures, but I’ve learned to see the value  

17. Experience it twice. You can use your imagination for bad or for good. Close your eyes everyday and practice seeing the beautiful things that happened in your past. The people, the places, and the moments worth remembering. Experience gratitude twice.

18. A man plans his ways but the Lord directs his path. There is a planning component and a surrendering component. Do both.

19. Know your keystone habits and execute them daily. Reading (a physical book- not just listening on a car ride) is one habit that makes my life better.

20. To ask for other’s opinions (“What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion on this?”) is to honor and validate them. It’s so rare that I didn’t witness anyone do this well until age 30! #DontBeAKnowItAll

21. You have not because you ask not. Wanting it in your mind is different from asking for it. Give, serve, and love often and when it comes time for your “ask”, don’t feel guilty.

22. Guardrails Guide. Wise and humble people put them up to keep them on the path they say they want to be on. It’s a posture of healthy helplessness that says “Left to my own ways, I drift.”

23. I’m an idealist and that has inspired others at times, but it’s also frustrated and pushed them away. Recognizing and celebrating progress is a daily decision.

24. 1+1=11. “Where two or more are gathered.” Teamwork makes the dream work and the prayer work

25. Seeking first to understand and appreciate the other person’s world (even if their world is polar opposite of yours) is the best way to build trust.

26. You can right your way right out of a relationship. Give up righteousness (or the illusion of it) for connection.

27. Writing a book is not easy, and it likely won’t make you rich, but it’s totally worth it for multiplying your time and impact. #LeaveYourLegacy

28. Being distracted is a choice, not an excuse nor a condition. Getting rid of distractions and then practicing presence may not be easy or commonplace, but it’s possible.

29. The ability to stay focused is the new IQ in today's economy. Invest energy into developing this ability.

30. God is sovereign.

31. People can change, stay hopeful. They may hear what you say but they can feel what you believe. Choose to believe in the unlimited potential in everyone.

32. You don’t get energy, you generate it. Move your body and use your breathing!

33. The best is yet to come…

Dedicated to your success in sport and life,

Coach Andrew J Simpson

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