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3 Why's to your Best Self

​I want to teach you how to dig deep and look within yourself to develop your best self.

If you are constantly looking for motivation and inspiration to Exercise and Eat Better this is for you!

At PFP we believe in the saying "What's Your WHY" sometimes I believe this saying can be overlooked. Let me explain what this question means to us at PFP and how you can implement this question to give you a reason and purpose to have the discipline you crave and the motivation you want to do EVERYTHING you have ever wanted.

Step 1

​Begin by asking yourself "Why do I workout?"

Most answers will be to get stronger, improve my confidence, set a good example for my kids...

Step 2

I want you to look at what you have written down and think "Why do I want that?"

This is when it gets a little more personal. Going from my other examples the reason could be I have a hard time doing physical work at my house, I have never felt comfortable in my own body since I have gained this weight, I don't want my kids to have the same health issues I have when they are my age.

Step 3

Now knowing why we want to workout I want you to think about "Why has this become a pain point for you?"

This could be a number of different reasons, this is the beauty of coming up with your WHY!

Once you have written down your WHY in a journal during your quite time, then you have your purpose to do what you know you need to do to feel better and be on the path towards your best self!

How exciting!!

The whole benefit of taking time out of your day to find clarity for yourself is so you can make seemingly hard decisions easy!

Simeon Sinek came up with the phrase "Start With Why"

That is my challenge for you!

Start with YOUR WHY

"The WHY does not come from looking ahead at what you want to achieve and figuring out an appropriate strategy to get there... It comes from looking in the completely opposite direction from where you are now. Finding WHY is a process of discovery, not invention"

My mission is to help you have more clarity with your WHY and your GOALS.

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When you have your WHY maybe you would be interested in Jumpstarting your training, check out our website to get yourself started on our accelerated program!

Serving You,

Joe Pfister


Be sure to declare your WHY to someone that can be your accountability partner! When you have a Coach helping you stay on track you are far more likely to succeed!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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