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3 Things You Need To Surround Yourself With

Have you heard of the Proximity Principle?

I am frequently asked how to improve nutritional habits,  how to gain more discipline, and how to improve time and energy management.

Maybe you would like to know how to improve in these areas too?

Honestly there isn't a long and extensive answer to these questions. If you wanted a real solution I believe the Proximity Principle​ is the answer.

Let me break it down for you - Def: If you want to be who you want to be and go where you want to go you need to surround yourself with people who have done it.

So lets talk about nutritional choices - if I shined a light on the top 5 people you hung out in social environments would these people encourage your nutritional habit success.... or would they encourage you to have another plate, another round, a larger size, and so on?

I am not saying that this person or persons are bad, or mean to harm you, but they are not trying to be the same person you are trying to be and they are not going where you are trying to go!

Who should you be around? Think of it this way if they don't have these 3 traits you need to find someone who does.


  • They PUSH you  
  • They LIFT you  

The fact is that the people you habitually spend time with will transform you to be more like them 95% of the time.

It might be that you have to have a tough conversation with those you spend time with explaining, who you want to be and where you want to go. I bet deep down some of those people close in your life want the same thing but they just need someone to help them get started or stay there.

I want to encourage you and empower you to take that step if you haven't already. Let your friends/coworkers/husband know who you want to be and where you want to go. Remember they need to have those 3 traits listed above to really get you there.

Maybe your reading this thinking "Joe! I can't just leave those that want nothing to do with my health and fitness goals. You want me to just find someone else? You are crazy!"

WOAH Hold on Hold on

I am not saying you have to cut them off or cut them out of your life, what I am saying is find a group or maybe a fitness community that helps hold you in those three areas. Remember they will encourages you, challenges you, and ultimately hold you accountable. Spend time with this new circle and see what happens.

You will find when you change your environment you can be the person you want to be and go to the places you want to go as long as they have been there before or working towards it as well.

If you are ready to make a declaration to yourself please reply back to this message letting me know WHO you are going to be and WHERE your going to go!

Serving You,

Joe Pfister


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