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3 Things Student Athletes Struggle With

Destroy Mental Blocks, Ignite Self-Motivation, Become a Leader

Mental Blocks:

- I can't do that

- I am not enough

- Last year this happened to me on the field so now I am...

- It's too hard to change...

- What if I... (insert the million and one things we fill that in with)

- That seems hard/uncomfortable/impossible

​Low Self-Motivation

​- I don't feel like doing that

- I'm too tired

- I forget ​why I started ​to begin with

- I would rather choose the easy path (even though that means it'll be harder later)

- I'd just rather sit around and do nothing

​Low Leadership Confidence

​​- I'm not very outspoken, I can't be a leader

- No one has ever told me I'm a leader so I don't act like one

- I'm scared to stand out and be different, leading by example would mean I put myself in a vulnerable position to be judged

- Who would follow ​me​?

- Is there even any real benefit to being a leader?

​This is what we do at PFP. If your child wants to grow in these 3 areas, head over to our website and book a free call​ with one of our team members- any of the links will work for that.

Step 1 to success for your child starts with us understanding their fears, what holds them back, their frustrations, their goals, and their desires!  

​Every kid is 1 love-powered leader away from a breakthrough. We hust need to tap into their why.

I want to see my kid have a breakthrough

Serving you,

Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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