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3 SPEED Hacks for Baseball and Softball Players

At PFP we work with over 100 baseball and softball players every year. When they come to us, they have the following concerns as it relates to their performance.

#1 They want to improve their base running speed.

The reason athletes are not as fast as they want to be running bases comes down to 3 things.


  1. No experience with angle/arc speed training. Baseball and softball players have to be great at running straight ahead, but also running arcs and angles. The more they train this way, the faster they will get from base to base.  
  2. Standing up rather than leaning forward. Thing of a Jeep. Jeeps are not traditionally very fast because they sit straight up. Lamborghini’s on the other hand are lightening fast because they are low to the ground (forward leaning). In order to accomplish this, an athlete needs to first learn this concept, then apply it by training low, develop core integrity, and lower body power.  
  3. Strength + Running mechanics. Their arms flail side to side. They don’t drive their knees. They look uncoordinated. The reason is because they have not learned proper mechanics and they are not physically strong enough to run properly.

#2 and #3 are pretty much solved by the same approach.

#2 The want faster and more powerful bat speed.

#3 They want to improve their throwing velocity.

Improving both of these comes down to the Core 4 things.


  1. They have not gone through puberty- if that is the case, you will see great improvements when they do (as long as they train for coordination and flexibility during this time).  
  2. They are not doing strength training. As strength goes up, rotational power and throwing velocity will improve.  
  3. This one is the key*** They have never learned how to use the ground, their core, their hips, and their shoulders to develop full bat swing power.  
  4. Flexibility and mobility in the hips and shoulders. It is amazing how just improving this one can result in 2, 3, or more MPH added to your child’s throwing velocity. I have countless examples of this being true.

If you want your athlete to learn these 3 secrets in action (we all know doing and reading are two different things) than register them for our Baseball and Softball Speed Masterclass on Saturday February 17th from 10-11 am.

They will learn the performance secrets needed to:

-Improve their base running speed

-Develop rotational power for faster bat speed

-Integrate core training to improve throwing velocity

Space is limited to the first 20 student-athletes who sign up. Early registration opens up today and the cost is only $37 for the early birds. I look forward to seeing your athlete there and getting them started on a path to more explosive speed and power on the diamond.

CLICK HERE to sign up!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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