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3 Mistakes Coaches Keep Making

Hey parent,

Can you please take a look at these 3 mistakes coaches keep making and let me know if I am on track? I also have solutions built in that will prove to be life changing for your son or daughter.


  1. Falling back into the “win at all costs” mindset, despite knowing better  
  2. Not making time for 1:1 mentoring now, forced to later  
  3. Focusing on the Lag Measures rather than the Lead Indicators

Let’s go in reverse order, starting with #3.

#3 Focusing on the Lag Measures rather than the Lead Indicators

Lag Measures are the results that lag behind the lead indicators.

Things every coach wants like:


  • Wins, championships  
  • Statistics such as shooting percentage, free throw percentage, kills/digs, batting average, etc.  
  • Execution of plays  
  • Outworking and outlasting the competition→ speed and stamina of your players  
  • Teamwork and unity- attracting talent  
  • Sacrifice and commitment  
  • Happiness and joy of your players

Lead Indicators are the things that lead to the lag

Things like:


  • Training the mental game at practice  
  • Getting your players to engage in growth and learning together  
  • Creating and executing individual player development plans  
  • Designing effective pre-season, in-season, and off-season performance training programs  
  • Watching game film and facilitating productive discussions  
  • Working on your craft as a communicator, story teller, motivator

We know it, but do we do it? It is so hard to get pumped up about the lead indicators. To focus on them with relentless consistency.

The Lags are flashier. The Lead indicators produce results.

In other words, “If you focus on the ROOT and the FRUIT will come.”

#2 Not making time for 1:1 mentoring now, being forced to later

We’ve all gone through it, but we should learn from those mistakes. “The pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tons.”

When we do not make time for intentional, consistent (1x/month minimum) mentoring and connection time with each player, we end up having to do the harder work of putting out fires, dealing with upset kids, scrambling to restore the relationship, and having tough conversations with parents.  

The thing is, I know you and I know that you care about impact.

Having a consistent rhythm of 1:1 connect time is proactive and effective for all your goals as a coach.

#1 Falling back into the “win at all costs” mindset, despite knowing better

We believe in Process over Outcome.

We believe in giving kids a chance to fail and grow, even if it means sacrificing statistics.

We know that the right thing to do is always to do the right thing.

But we still have this selfish ambition inside of us. No one is immune.

And if we are not careful, we will win big now at the expense of the long-term health and happiness of our players (and families). You can win the battle but lose the war.

In conclusion:

Coaching is a balancing act. One that requires self-awareness when we are off track a bit, and self-discipline to get back on. I fight the resistance everyday, just like you.

Let’s continue to come together to be the love-powered leaders we are meant to be. This generation of kids needs us. If not you, who?

Serving alongside you,

Coach Andrew

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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