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3 Mega Inspiring Quotes

1. "Don't expect to be popular if you choose to rise above the status quo."

2. "One person who choose to live a heroic life disrupts the narrative, 'We are living a lesser life' as the acceptable option."

3. "There comes a time and place where you have to decide, This is worth fighting for [or they are worth changing for]. This is where I stand. This is who I am. This is the life I have chosen. I will not run. I will not allow fear to move me from where I should be to where it wants me to live. I would rather die facing the challenge than exist running from it."

Quote #3 is what finally pushed me over the edge to write The Youth Truth. What will you allow these three quotes to push you to do?

Here is another...


"If you just sit there, if you just stand around and hope the world will get better, if you settle for what is because what you long for demands too much of you, then this thing called life will always seem elusive to you."


It used to annoy me but I now love that I have an alarm system inside of me that goes off when I am striving for comfortability. It goes off when I start to achieve comfortability and settle...

It goes off when I read about a hero who laid down his life for the service and benefit of others.

It goes off when I attend a middle or high school basketball game and witness parents and coaches berating their athletes in public.

My alarm reminds me that I was not put on this earth to merely exist and be comfortable, but rather to live fully and use my past failures, my current circumstances (good or bad), my gifts, and my passions- those things that break my heart- to make a contribution to the world.

Right now is your time, my friend. What breaks your heart? What is your legacy going to be about? How will you leave the earth better than the way you found it? You do not have to write a book or build a company, but you do have to start somewhere.

Small acts of courage and sacrifice overtime lead to massive impact.

Two great questions to ask yourself to start are, What gifts, talents, and passions have I been given? What breaks my heart when I see it happening?

Coach Stephanie's Nutrition Tip of the Day!

Today’s Nutrition Tip is simple if you want fo FEEL BETTER EMOTIONALLY...   Focus on the VEGGIES!    

  • Have veggies at every meal  
  • Try a new way of preparing your veggies  
  • Have 1-2 servings outside of your meals as snacks (4-5 servings total)  
  • Be as colorful as you possibly can with your veggie choices.

 Your body will…

  1. Feel cleaner  
  2. Perform better  
  3. Have more energy

 Your mind will…

  1. Think clearer  
  2. Produce more positivity  
  3. Perform faster  
  4. Run more productively  

 Your emotions...will thank you!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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