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2020- Change Will Happen

Good morning! I really hope your holidays have been awesome.

I took the last week off and ended up catching a BAD stomach virus, along with my wife, son, mother and father in law, brother-in law, cousins and aunt!

But I am back now and I could not be more fired up and excited about a new decade.

For me, 2020 is the year of The Youth Truth.

It is the year of sharing the TRUTH about where things are at right now in youth sports.

Where coaches stand and how effective and joyful (low joy = low effectiveness) they are in their coaching efforts.

Where sports parents stand and how effective and supportive they are (without interfering).

But ultimately, what is the current truth about the state of our youth?


  • Youth anxiety is climbing. The percentage increased again this year.  
  • Burnout is climbing. I am seeing my prediction come true- more kids than EVER are quitting not just club and school sports, but also collegiate sports.  
  • The severity and frequency of injury is climbing very rapidly.  
  • Depression and suicide continues to rise.

Kids are however getting "smarter". Probably not IQ, but EQ. Their emotional intelligence is increasing. We had a 13 girl come into our training facility the other day and say:

“All my coach cares about is how well I can spike [the volleyball]. Honestly, I just want to get rid of my anxiety and be happy.]

Our students can sense something isn’t right. If they paused, if WE paused long enough, we’d be able to figure out the truth-- sports do not deserve to occupy the position of TOP VALUE in your life.

In fact, when they do occupy the TOP VALUE (you can tell by what you give the bulk and best of your time, energy, attention, and money to), the results are as follows:

-Declining performance resulting from physical fatigue + lack of passion, joy, and energy

-Lower confidence as a result of Results over Progress Mentality

-Increased injury as a result of overuse and lack of time for recovery (except for

the kids who prioritize staying in a maintenance and recovery program year round)

-Increased nerves and fear of failure resulting in sub-peak performance

I really can hardly wait to share the Youth Truth with you. When you get the book, plus the bonus resource that will give you our playbook and tie it all together, you will become one of the youth leaders that finally gives your child a chance at true success, unshakeable confidence, and uncommon leadership.

Dedicated to your athlete’s transformation,

Coach Andrew

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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