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212° is the magic number at which the very same water you and I drink can also generate enough energy and power to move a locomotive.

The crazy thing is…. there is absolutely no significance at 211° besides the water is really hot!!

There is so much we can learn from this as youth influencers, athletes, parents, and professionals. Let me explain.

In order to yield the benefits of 2-1-2, the water needs to build heat; gradually working from room temperature (where it has no real significance other than to be hot water) to the point it’s boiling over and has steam bellowing out.

Too often we give up on things right around that 200° mark… whether it’s losing the weight, hitting a PR, restoring a relationship, starting a good habit, breaking a bad one, training to be an elite athlete…We simply give up because it seems like all our efforts to “heat up” an area of our life are for nothing.

Our efforts to change or improve our lives appear to be like the water sitting there… appearing just the same as it did at 80°, 110°, or even 211°!

The missing ingredient to getting the water to boil over (or reaching those goals) is simply, TIME! Recognizing your tendency to be addicted to the quick fix is step one….It is this mentality that causes you and I to pull that pot off the burner not knowing how close we are to that water boiling!


My challenge for you…. first and foremost, analyze where do you need to apply some HEAT in your life to get the water boiling. Where are you letting yourself cool off too soon because you have yielded any benefit?

It could be putting weight on for the upcoming season, running a certain speed in the 40 or 60 yard dash, or becoming the honor roll student. Whatever it is, begin to turn the heat up and put the work in to make that area of your life to boil over!

Get back in the trenches and turn the dial back up. You never know how close you are to making it happen. Like that glass of water looking the same from 40° to 211°, you could be one degree of from creating that spark to move the locomotive, to propel you to that next level you’ve been dreaming about.


What is your ONE DEGREE?

Where do you need to be a little more consistent, a little more focused, a little more disciplined?

When the schedule gets busy, when you lose focus and get shiny object syndrome (what is everyone else doing?), you start making excuses. Many athletes lose sight of those little things that don’t seem big, but really are overtime.

Consistency is the missing ingredient to be great. You cannot quit doing the things that have gotten you to this point. It is like pulling the pot off the stove at 211. And you cannot stop applying your heat in the classroom just because you are in season.

Please reach out to me and I can help figure out how to make an in-season program work so that you do not lose your MOMENTUM and success that is right around the corner.


Your performance coach and mentor,

Coach Travis

P.S. In-Season Training is designed to give you, your body, and your mind exactly what it needs the most. Recovery, confidence restoration, stretching, strength maintenance, encouragement when things do not go your way. Can you imagine going 12 weeks and not getting that? Let’s find a way, athlete. I’m here for you.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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