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100+ college athletes

“Achievement minus fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”It dawned on us the other day that we’ve reached the century mark. We’ve officially had over 100 student-athletes come through PFP and into college sports!(Note: it is equally impressive to see the many students who have gone on to college with clarity and direction, about to dive deep intotheirunique passions and purposes, which may not include athletics.)The 7 Pillar Winning Athlete Formula is a huge part oftheir successandour influence.​If you’ve ever been curious about the how behind the what that we do at PFP, this is it. The never before revealed “inside scoop”, if you will.My assumption is that you do not just want to see your student-athlete “make it” to college to play sports, but you want desperately for them to enjoy a productive journey, lead, and become a more resilient young man or woman along the way, right?Most want it but do not get it. In fact, an alarming number of kids nowadays are getting to college to play sports, only to quit a year or two in because while they were skilled enough to play, they did not genuinely want to play. Or perhaps they fail to thrive and enjoy the ride because they had a physical foundation, but not a mentally resilient one. I write about this in Part 4 of the Youth Truth book.The point is this--> some college athletes would tell you in hindsight that either they were not “meant” to be there to begin with and that it was pressure from friends, parents, or coaches who pushed them, or they were meant to go but not resilient enough to withstand the challenges and personalities when they arrived. Over the next couple of days I want to share with you our 7 Pillar Winning Athlete Formula in detail and how it is designed to equip a college-bound athlete for success. This is the step by step playbook we’ve refined over the years to develop 100+ young men and women into young men and women who have now demonstrated the capacity to not only make it, but to thrive through it. And incredibly, they do it joyfully, resiliently, and confidently as leaders.Dedicated to your success,Coach Andrew and the PFP teamP.S. The 7 Pillar Winning Athlete Formula, interestingly enough, works to develop ​any ​student, whether they are driven to play sports in college, or not. We love this stuff, and we love inspiring the youth of the world to step into the fullness of who they were created to be. Don't you!?

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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