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10 Ways to Live to Win

What does it look like for an athlete to have a victorious mindset? A desire to win?

It may be different for you than it is someone else. The key is to run your own race. To get the prize that you actually want!

First, you must define what winning looks like to you:

1. I show up strong, with a positive attitude, and I unleash my ALL at every practice. My posture, eye contact, and body language is excellent even when things do not go as planned.

2. I train like a world-class athlete in the weight room​, sacrificing my short-term comfort for long-term gain

3. I celebrate and reward myself for progress. I am satisfied with my efforts but never complacent. I do not let temporary set backs deplete my belief in myself. I know self-belief is a choice.

4. I put in the extra 30 minutes before or after practice to hone my skills and ​I prioritize my time to get my

school work done with excellence. My sacrifices are wise and calculated.

5. I set ambitious goals for my future and ​encourage my teammates to sit down with me and do the same. It's not ​all ​about me.

6. I have a pre-game mental prep routine that gets me in the zone. I have an in-game mistake ritual that helps me move past errors quickly. I have a post-game reflection routine where I discover what I did well, what I did not, what I learned, and what I will do to improve.

7. I am humble and coachable. The better I get, the harder I work and the more often I ask for help to get to the next level

8. I am the top encourager and motivator on the team. I don't have to be LOUD, I just have to be helpful.

9. I have fun along the way. I create moments of joy in the locker room. I bring light and laughter to our team. I can do this because...

10. My perspective on sports is healthy. I know that at the end of the game, "it all goes back in the box". I am aware that sports are ​not life. ​They are simply a way that I can grow, display excellence, challenge myself, learn life lessons, and become a better leader in all I do.

Living to Win is easy when you take the time to list out what winning looks like for you.

What's on your list?

Dedicated to your success in sport and life,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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