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10 Laws to Get the Body You Want

The body is not the thing that’s going to bring you fulfillment.

Who you’ll become on the way to getting the body you want, will.

Here are 10 Irrefutable "Laws" to achieving the body and fitness levels you want. Follow them and you'll get what you want. The good news is that you do not have to follow ​all ​of them to see solid results. Pick 2-3 and start making progress.

These are the things that successful people do ​differently:

#1 Tradeoffs: They Embrace Substitutions and Replacements- there are reasons why you ​haven't ​been successful yet, every successful person knows there are tradeoffs. Nutritionally, with workouts, with sleep-- whatever it takes, successful people make tradeoffs.

#2 Personal Responsibility: they blame no one and no thing. From what I've witnessed, no excuses come from the mouths of successful people. They do not continue to do things the way they always have (I.E. drinking and eating unhealthy ​every single weekend​- if this has not worked in the past, successful people ​will change at least part of it​)

#3 They Have a Coach- ​you can make progress without one, but rarely will you achieve what you ​really want ​without a coach

#4 They Do Not Chart New Territory Alone- successful people know that taking a person with you, or joining others, increases your chance of success exponentially. They join a loving, supportive community who lifts them up.

#5 BHAG's, and MMG's- they have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal that keeps them motivated when times are tough (like COVID for example), and they have Micro Motivating Goals to satisfy their immediate needs for Success and Growth along the way.

#6 They Have Their Goals ​Written Down ​and they ​​​​Read Them Daily- ​​what we focus on, we get. People I've seen be consistently​ successful ​​(and not just lucky) take care of #6.

#7 They Follow a Method and they Measure- ​a proven method that produces predictable results, such as the 5 Step Lean & Fit Success Formula at PFP. They don't just wing it. They know that what gets measured, gets improved.

#8 They Get Off to a Fast Start- ​this is not 100% essential, but most people who are successful in achieving the body and health they desire did so by coming out of the gates fast- they are committed and ambitious. They start with some sort of metabolism boost, such as the PFP Metabolic Jumpstart, plus they commit to 3-4 days a week of metabolic workouts.

#9 They Are Grace Givers- they are in it for the long haul and when they fail or hit plateaus, they ​Honor the Struggle ​instead of beating themselves up or quitting and jumping to something new.

#10 They Pay it Forward- Successful People Help Others Be Successful- ​this completes the circle of success. There is no greater way to ensure that you continue on your path to success than you help someone else along theirs.

10 Simple, Not-So-Easy Irrefutable "Laws" to follow if you want success. If you want to start seeing results ​now​, just reply to this email.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. If you are starting to get really serious about achieving the body and results you desire, text PFP to phone number 41259 and we will send you the motivation and goal oriented content you need. We are launching something so incredible, so exciting, you will not want to miss it. Results will be guaranteed.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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