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#1 Secret to Staying "In the Zone"...

I love MO. When he visits, life is good. In fact, life is so good it feels like everything I touch becomes gold.

MO only comes around every once in a while. He doesn’t just grace me with his presence automatically. I have to work for it. But the cool thing is, I know exactly what I need to do in order to attract him.

The Big “MO” is my friend, MOmentum. He is the most UNSTOPPABLE FORCE in the world.

I bet you are saying to yourself, “What a weird introduction.” True, but hopefully it was enough to hook you :-)

This one is worth reading. Momentum is worth going out of your way to attract. It is worth learning HOW-TO attract more of it into your life. Here’s how:

Building a snowman

When you want to build a snowman, you start with a snowball. You pack it tight, then work to combine it with more snow. You get it to the point where it is ready to roll. You start rolling it across the snow. It starts to grow. You begin approaching a hill. The snowball gets bigger, heavier, harder to push.

You say to yourself…”The hill is close. If I just get to the top, I can push it down the hill and create a MASSIVE, EPIC SNOWMAN!”

But it gets so heavy that you stop working hard 5 yards short and say, “Ya know, this will do.” And you build a mediocre snowman.

If you would have kept working hard, just 5 more yards, you would have achieved and benefitted from the power of momentum.

That snowball would have TRIPLED in size with ZERO extra added effort, all because of the work you put in in the beginning.

Dave Ramsey taught me this one:

Momentum Theorem= Fi/T (G) =

Focused Intensity (i.e. Hard Work)

OVER Time MULTIPLIED by God = Momentum

Why do MOST people rarely if ever reap the benefits from Big MO?

1. They let their “feeeeeeeeelings” get in the way.

“I don’t feeeeeeeel like working hard today. I don’t feeeeeeel good. I feeeeeeeeel like taking it easy today. I feeeeeeeeel like I don’t need to work hard today. I feeeeeeeel sick.”

2. They don’t know MO! And when you don’t know about him, it’s hard to recognize when you are on the verge of getting a visit from him!

If you knew MO was on his way and that MO would be well worth the effort, you would keep pushing that snowball.

3. Accountability, Honesty, and Vision when you are not feeeeeeeling it.

Most people do not surround themselves with coaches and friends who will:

A) Hold them accountable

​B) Remind them to keep going, that MO is around the corner (vision)

C) Tell them to get up and get moving, I don’t care if you don’t feeeeeel like it. Do you feeeeeeel like getting some MOmentum? Thought so, let’s get to work! (honesty)

Don’t lose your vision. Don’t let your feeeeeeelings get in the way of obtaining the most unstoppable force in the universe.

And more importantly, surround yourself with a team, coaches, and friends who will hold you accountable and inspire you to continue working hard.

Dedicated to your success in sport and life,

Coach Andrew

P.S. If you want more MOmentum in your life, reply to this email. We specialize in momentum creation. And the results are always worth it. Just hit reply or call 240-341-2921.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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