Waiver of Liability

I, the parent/legal guardian, intend to be legally bound, and do understand that the training that my child receives at Player’s Fitness and Performance is on their own voluntary participation and is assisted by certified personal trainers and I do hereby waive and release any and all rights that I may have against the trainers in the event of injury.  I understand that services my child receives, while intended to be low risk and for all fitness levels, are performed at their own risk and that Player’s Fitness and Performance, and the team of trainers assisting in the workouts, are not liable for any injury sustained during exercise. By reading this release, I hereby waive and release from any and all liability, past, present, and future, relating to physical training and exercise at Player’s Fitness and Performance.


I understand and consent to having photographs and/or videos of my child posted on the Player’s Fitness and Performance website and/or social media for promotional and educational purposes. I understand that to change my mind about allowing my child to be videoed or photographed for social media, I will need to call Player's Fitness and Performance at 301-524-6384.