We provide easy to use, effective Virtual Fitness Experiences both for kids and adults who want to be inspired, get fitter, and increase confidence and performance from home!

Not just another

"at-home workout"


This is an Experience

- Motivational messages
- Fun and engaging
- Result-producing training sessions
- Nutrition guidance

Parent, we are here for you and for your children. We know there is a struggle going on right now in the minds of people everywhere. Kids are missing their sports, their social interaction, and of course, normal routines. They are experiencing boredom, laziness, and even anxiety. They are not growing and they are not getting better. They are worried about losing their athleticism, their progress, their confidence.

Our positive, mentor-leaders at PFP have created a fun, exciting, and challenging experience for kids of all ages that is way more than just a workout.


You can get back an hour of your day, everyday, and have your kids try out the PFP Virtual Training Experience - a fun, safe, online space to "hang out." You can also try out our Adult Virtual Fitness Training for yourself!




What if my kid doesn't want to do it, feels awkward, doesn't know anyone?

We've worked through this and will have one of our coaches FIRST jump on a call with you, then your child over a video call (or phone call if they are more comfortable), and then once they are comfortable they will try out their first class! Some kids also keep their videos OFF so that no one can see them. 

What if we cannot afford it?

Normally the 1 on 1 Success Session with a coach is 1 hour and $100. We are offering it to you or your child for free right now given the circumstances. We have decided to adopt a "pay what you can model". We trust that this is the best thing and will give you our normal pricing options as well. It is all about serving you and your children right now.

What if they do not like it?

Obviously the success session and the first experience are free. But after you invest money, if you don't find that your kid LOVES the PFP training and is eager to come back, we will give you a 100% refund no questions asked. We have a guarantee that ensure you will see a noticeable increase in their joy, attitude, motivation, and athleticism.

What classes do you offer?

  • Total body athletic performance training

  • Speed, agility, and stamina

  • Adult Small Group and Bootcamp Style Workouts

  • 1 on 1 Virtual Training

4 Different Age Groups

  • Rock Solid Kids Elementary Schooler Program

  • Athlete Performance Program Middle & High Schoolers

  • College THRIVE Performance Program

  • Adult Warrior Fitness Program

Click below to contact our team to find out more about the "pay what you can" plan for our Brand New, PFP Virtual Fitness Experience. Keep your mind right, habits strong, and energy and positive high!