We believe the old approach to coaching youth athletes no longer works. A new philosophy is needed
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“The positive impact you have on the lives of these young people simply cannot be measured. You've made a transformation in our daughter's life that will last forever.”

-Chuck Brawley, parent of a PFP Athlete

Step 1: Earn Their Trust

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. If we do not earn our athletes trust and respect first, there is no relationship. If there is no relationship, we cannot influence them to become leaders. Sure, we can force them to do hard workouts and achieve a ​temporary boost in athleticism and performance, but how does that help them in life after sports? Our philosophy starts with earning trust and building a relationship so we can impact them in a way that lasts a lifetime.

Step 2: Strengthen the Mindset

We believe Mental Preparation Precedes Peak Physical Performance. The way we THINK about ourselves and our sport determines how well we play.

Every PFP athlete takes the "Confident, Successful Athlete Mental Game Questionnaire" and gets the bonus worksheet to go along with it.

Step 3: Love Powered Coaching

Athletes today are different. Many coaches say, "Harder to motivated. Harder to connect with. Harder to get through to. Harder to get more out of them." 

We have used love powered leadership and love powered coaching as our core coaching principle for the past 4 years and have seen hundreds of athletes become more confident in who they are and more successful in what they do, while maintaining high levels of joy and low levels of stress, anxiety, fear, and doubt. Love powered coaching builds up athletes and breaks down barriers.

Step 4: Amplify strengths, chip away at weaknesses

If If your athlete is fast but lacking physical strength and size, we want to make them faster (amplify strengths) while at the same time build their overall physical strength and power (chip away at weaknesses). 

Step 5: Health matters. Keep injuries LOW.

"Bullet proof athletes". We are on a mission to decrease risk of avoidable injury in athletes.


Every year 2 million youth athletes are injured, 500,000 need to see a doctor because of those injuries, and 30,000 are hospitalized. The CDC estimates that more than ½ of those 2 million are preventable. By emphasizing injury reduction, we are saving you money while also keeping your athlete on the field. Injuries can really mess with an athletes mind AND body.

ATHLETIC TRAINING (12+ year olds)

Our approach is uncommon, however our Athletic Development Program has helped over 55

        collegiate athletes from the Frederick, MD area, including 16 Division I Athletes in the past 4 years.


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Rock Solid Kids (7-11 year olds)


We believe building a foundation of bodyweight strength, movement, proper form and technique and a love for fitness and exercise is the beauty of the Guided Discovery program. Building confidence and setting them up for long-term success is the key here.

Methods: mentoring, team building, strength, conditioning, speed, agility

Desired outcome: *confidence improvement, stronger work-ethic, rock-solid foundation for athletic development, instill a positive correlation between fitness and fun

Who? Athletes between the ages of 7-11. At this age, the brain of a youth athlete is still very plastic. It can absorb a ton of new information and very effectively develop motor skills. 

  • Game-play

  • Tag

  • OCP's (obstacle courses with a purpose)

  • Climbing, crawling, and competition

  • Basic total body strength patterns: squatting, lunging, push-ups, pull-ups, farmer's carries, etc.

  • In addition, this age group will engage in a multitude of movement enhancing drills such as:

    • skipping, coordinated skipping, shuffling, sprinting, band-resisted sprinting, multi-directional speed drills, and more.

It sounds complicated, but in the end, it is about making sure the youth athletes at PFP are smiling, having a blast, sweating, learning, and getting BETTER :-)


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Click below to speak with a team member about performance training for 7-11 Year olds



1) Baseline Assessments

Every athlete or non-athlete undergoes a movement assessment and performance test so that we can properly design an individualized program for you and decrease risk of injury*

2) Individualized Programs
Specific to your sport, movement, athletic needs, and/or non-athletic needs.

3) Accountability and Growth
We have a number of tools and programs in place, as well as dedicated and passionate coaches, who will hold you accountable to your goals. This is critical in you reaching your highest athletic potential.

4) Performance Testing Week
Every 3 months, you will get to be a part of Test Week! This is a week where we get to put numbers to the results we know each of you and your children are getting. The week is full of fun, excitement, competition, high energy and prizes!