Timely COVID Inspiration

Here is a COVID-time sensitive message for those of you interacting with the same people over, and over, and over again :-)

I was thinking about the answer to one very powerful question that’ll help you in every single situation that involves people (which is every situation, even when it is just you).

What does everyone want?

  1. To feel loved, valued, connected

  2. To feel like what they are doing matters

  3. To feel clear, certain, secure

  4. To feel energized, excited, filled with courage and confidence

  5. To feel like they are growing

  6. To feel like they are part of something

The way you know that this is true is by testing it against the opposites:

  1. Does anyone enjoy the feeling of being not liked, not accepted?

  2. Does anyone enjoy the feeling of doing meaningless work that does not matter?

  3. Does anyone enjoy the feeling of being foggy, unclear, uncertain?

  4. Does anyone enjoy the feeling of being drained, bored, unenthused?

  5. Does anyone enjoy the feeling of stagnation or regression?

  6. Does anyone enjoy the feeling of being excluded, not having a purpose or calling they are a part of?

Since we know the 6 desired feelings above, we can, as leaders, begin to help those we love, lead, and interact with experience those feelings.

Malicious Intent? I think not...

Since we know the 6 desired feelings above, we can start to understand that most of the time, our kids, spouse, or co-workers do not do things with an intent to be malicious (sometimes they do, but it is really just an attempt to gain one of those feelings above).

Ponder this today. Every time your kids come to you with a concern or request, they are likely just seeking one of the feelings above that they are lacking.

Every time your boss, spouse, or co-worker comes to you with a concern or request, they are likely just seeking one of the feelings above that they are lacking.

And every time YOU do something you can't believe you did, do something you wish you could take back, have a thought or feeling you are not proud of, give yourself some grace and understanding. You are simply trying to get a feeling you want and you may not have taken the most productive or healthy approach to getting it. All good, just take a reset. Don't beat up yourself or others.

The mindset and heart-set of a leader is to appreciate and understand the person first, then go on a journey with them to help them get what it is that they want→ typically, one of the six feelings!

We imagine a world where every single person has a love-powered, mentor-leader in their life that cares for them deeply, inspires them, and challenges them to be their best.

Few people in history, proportionately, have received this blessing. This blessing changes everything. We want to change the statistics.

So, that you for being a HUGE part of our just cause. Lead your flock well today and re-commit to helping each one of the people in your care to become who they are meant to become!

Today's Uplifting and Energizing Virtual At-Home Workout of the Day

Download Today's Workout: Plank & GO!

Nutrition Fuel for You Today!

First off, congratulations to those who took action on the 1st Ever Nutrition Breakthrough Program! It was filled up in less than 8 hours If you would like to get on the waitlist for the next one, you can go here to do that--> I want to be FIRST on the waitlist for the next opportunity to transform


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Lean, organic, wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats (protein) combined with fresh veggies (fiber) is the gold standard combination.

You can use this little protein/fiber theory for snacks too- like bars or shakes!

Serving you,

Coach Andrew and the Team!

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