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"Be part of a TWO WEEK CHALLENGE where thousands of sports parents choose a NEW approach in leading their student-athletes to more joy, passion, and success."


No catch, no cost, only a better performing student-athlete.

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I want you to try something that is guaranteed to make your student-athlete play better. It will also improve their mindset, enhance their joy and passion for playing, and will undoubtedly improve your sports-relationship with them. We are in this together, working to build up young men and women of character and confidence.


For 2 WEEKS, HERE is my challenge for you:


NO pre-game reminders. Although done with best intentions, this undermines your student-athlete’s intelligence and causes them to overthink.

NO bribes. “Two bucks for every steal. Ten bucks for every goal. McDonald’s if you win.”


NO, “I know you will do great!” pre-game comments. This does create unneeded pressure to perform. “I gotta do great if I want to impress them.”

NO YELLING DURING GAMES! Cheering is great. But we all know when it crosses over to criticizing or condemning coaches, refs, and even the athletes. Ask yourself, "If I was in their shoes, what would help me MOST from the fans?"

NO motivational quotes or pump up speeches. Let the coaches handle this.

NO Post Game Mutism OR Post Game, “Game Talk”. No changing your voice inflections, no getting weirdly quiet or overly talkative after games. Also no talking about the game during the car ride.





























Even if it is the conference or state championship game, the long-term implications of that one game are minimal. Keep it light. You’ve got this!


Remember, we all want the same outcome. Better performing student-athletes who play with more joy and passion and who continue to love the game forever. We are in this together.




  1. Less overthinking, better performance.

  2. Less fear of making mistakes.

  3. Less fear of disappointing you, their teammates, their coaches.

  4. Less of a drop in self-worth if they do perform poorly.

  5. Less of a jump in pride if they perform well.

  6. More joy, more enthusiasm, more excitement.




“Good luck honey!”

Or, “See you after the game!”




Clap, cheer, converse with fellow parents, but do not say anything to the refs or coaches! And of course, say nothing to your son or daughter while they are playing. We know it is hard to do, but it will be worth it when you see the increased joy and performance. We had a parent who accepted the challenge and both her sons qualified for a major invitational event that they had been struggling to qualify for.


Tell other parents about the challenge. Be the example!



I want you to say the most powerful 6 words a parent could ever say to your kid after a game:

“I really love watching you play.”



And then, zip it. Let them talk, or not talk. It doesn’t matter. Just stop there. I know by this point you may be cringing and experiencing a bit of anxiety. But stay strong, you and your spouse will likely giggle later on about how awkward this felt.


Two weeks. May 10-24, That is your challenge.

Will you accept the challenge? There is nothing to lose, only to gain. 


You will not be disappointed. Your child deserves to play without overthinking, striving to please, or fearing disappointing you. Just imagine you stress levels decreasing, their performance AND joy increasing, and your relationship and communication with them being better than ever.




Actually, there IS ONE COST. By not following the guidelines, it will cost your athlete their best performance!


But seriously, no monetary cost to pledging. This is my way of trying to help you help your kid play the best they possibly can and to help YOU enjoy the process of watching them during their sport.


Scroll below to PLEDGE to be a part of this so that we can know the total number of participants. We believe there are at least 50,000 parents out there who are willing to do whatever it takes to see their athlete play better with more joy, poise, and confidence than ever before.


I believe you are one of them.




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4. HAVE FUN with this. It should be an enjoyable, challenging challenge!


Dedicated to our youth's success and joy,


Coach Andrew Simpson

“My husband and I had no idea that we were causing our son so much stress and unneeded pressure before games. I knew I was loud during games, but I did not realize that he was getting in his own head BECAUSE of it! And after games, I never knew what to say. This challenge has changed everything. He actually wants to talk after games now that I have disciplined myself to ‘keep it simple’. This challenge could transform everything for your athlete, as well as your relationship with them.” -Parent who completed the challenge

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