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Most students struggle with:

  • Inability to overcome mistakes quickly

  • Complacency Syndrome- achieving success then coasting

  • Being on a pedestal- high pressure to succeed

  • The fear of failing, not living up to expectations

  • Being in their own head, own worst enemy

  • The fear of making a mistake that keeps them from trying and thriving

  • Perfectionist Mentality

  • Being STUCK in the Comparison Trap

  • People Pleaser Syndrome


Mindset Training

Dear parent,

The list of challenges student-athletes are facing goes on and on. It breaks your heart and ours to see these young men and women try to solve mindset related problems by working harder physically on the sports field and in the weight room.


The Mindset Performance Coaching program was developed to meet an unmet need: To help athletes win the mental game by developing a more positive, resilient mindset.

*We offer our mindset coaching in 1 on 1 settings, entire sports team workshops, or small groups.

What we have found is that the athletes who go through the program become extraordinary leaders and they experience more joy and success.

The curriculum is always tailored to YOUR son or daughter and their specific wants, needs, and desires. Things that we are able to include are:

  • Enhancing Confidence and Belief

  • How to Visualize and Own a Positive Mental Attitude

  • Time Management and How to Beat Procrastination (Develop the Mindset of a Self-Motivated Athlete)

  • Comfort Zone- How to Dream Big

  • Setting and Achieving Goals

  • Make Wise Decisions

  • Identifying your Weaknesses and Leveraging your Strengths

  • Transforming from a Follower to a Leader

  • Developing and growing into the leader you are meant to be- a leader people admire, on and off the Field

*The first few sessions are used to identify the student athletes biggest challenges and desires, which sets the course for future sessions*



Before the Mindset Coaching Program, Jamie had issues with consistency, focus, and fear. She struggles with her back handspring on beam ..one day she will have it and compete it and the next few days she will lose it. She struggles with confidence. 


After working with Andrew, Jamie not only said she enjoyed the session, but she said it was most valuable to talk to a mindset coach outside of the sport. Thank you so much for helping my girls strengthen their mindsets!” -Frederick County Gymnast

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Traditional sports psychologists focus on quick
fix tips, tricks, and tactics to perform better.

Mindset performance coaching helps students create new wiring, new beliefs, and new associations that equip them to be able to lead, overcome, and rise up in any situation, be it sports or not.


Noah Grove- Mindset Performance Student

Member of Team USA Sled Hockey Team- Gold Medal Winners 2018 Olympics

Like Noah (pictured above), many other collegiate and long-distance athletes experience major mindset breakthroughs in this program. If your athlete is at school or in another state, technology breaks down barriers that could get in your way of developing the confident, successful mindset you know is inside you. 

We use a platform called ZOOM to do live video calls between the coach and athlete. It is simple, easy to use, and costs nothing. There are only 10 spots open for virtual coaching at any given time, so inquire below to see if there are openings right now. If not, enrollment will open again in the near future.

Virtual Mindset Coaching